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Council Committee Recommends Progress of Scarborough Town Centre Redevelopment

Council Committee Recommends Progress of Scarborough Town Centre Redevelopment

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 4th June 2020.

The proposed re-development of a part of Scarborough town centre has been backed by a Borough Council committee.

The Overview and Scrutiny Board recommended moving forward with the scheme to spend £22 million on new accommodation for NHS staff and students where the old Argos building sits, on Newborough.

A motion to put the plan on hold was defeated by one vote cast by Chair of the committee, Guy Coulson.

He said:

"It's a bit run down and you get down below Heron and it gradually deteriorates as you go down there. We did a lot of work on the Indoor Market and Market Vaults and that's a fantastic job that was done there. So, if we can continue that and create what is looking like an open town square type atmosphere, with an open market place is what they're hoping to do."

The decision on moving forward will go to the Council's cabinet later this month.


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yorkshireboy, on 4th June 2020 7:40am
£22m to build flats for students.

And just how much do we get back in rent for these flats which will not be occupied for 12 months of the year.

I can see this becoming another fiasco with SBC paying for demolition and then sitting on a bomb site whilst they argue about what is actually going to be built.

Don't believe me, just have a walk onto the seafront and have a look at the thousands of pounds open space.
zara, on 4th June 2020 10:57am
Oh great, millions more wasted by the council. I suppose when they are demanding lots more from the taxpayers next year they will blame it on the virus not their stupid spending sprees. What has happened to the money loaned to Benchmark? Seems that regardless of which lot are in power they all have this urge to spend big without any real benefit to the rest of us.

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