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Scarborough Borough Council Car Parks To Open Soon?

Scarborough Borough Council Car Parks To Open Soon?

Published by Karen Liu at 9:27am 4th June 2020. (Updated at 12:12pm 4th June 2020)

Scarborough Borough Council says it is looking to get its car parks open soon.

It is also re-iterating that overnight stays are not allowed.

Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of the authority, said:

"Filey County Park is closed at the moment and there is a security guard in attendance as well; and that's because the caravan park is closed, and we also don't want people pitching up thinking they can stay overnight.

As we progress further into summer, we might open the car park end. Overnight stays - nationally - are not permitted. That's not Scarborough Borough Council being difficult, that is the rules of lockdown. No overnight stays."

She also addressed what will be happening to other council-run car parks.

Liz added:

"The rest of them we're looking towards them all being open sooner. But at the moment what we do is just take a view on how many visitors are here and how much space we need in the car parks.

So on an 'as-and-when' basis, which is not great, I understand that for people planning if you're driving from away. But just keep your eye on where you're directed to park if you come."

Here what Liz had to say here:


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Chippy33, on 4th June 2020 5:28pm
She needs to get her facts right. Filey Country Park Car Park has been open to vehicles from Monday afternoon, 1st June.
yorkshireboy, on 5th June 2020 7:28am
Apparently Liz Colling has no idea about what's happening in Filey.

The Country Park has been open for car parking all week.

There is a guard keeping a eye on things.

If we are going to have statements from council officials let's have some accuracy.
Deb1966, on 5th June 2020 8:34am
Country car park open. There were camper vans set up on the grass towards the brigg where there are no parking bays except for disabled. Parents lifting their children over the locked gates of the play area. Unfortunately because of the warm weather bbqs left at the end of the day risking fire.
Chris Gilley, on 13th June 2020 11:29am
I would just like to confirm that I am ok to turn up at the Brigg car park for some fishing down on the Brigg.
Chris Gilley, on 18th June 2020 8:59am
I am wondering if it is acceptable to go fishing on Filey Brigg? I see the car park is open but would we be welcome? We can of course stay well away from anyone

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