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Enforcement Of Dogs Ban To Return In Scarborough Borough

Enforcement Of Dogs Ban To Return In Scarborough Borough

Published by Karen Liu at 12:02pm 3rd June 2020.

The enforcement of dogs on beaches across the Borough of Scarborough is set to return.

The seasonal restriction began on May 1st, but no action has been taken on those who broke the rules.

It was after outcry from residents who wanted dogs to remain on the beach, as there were fewer people on it due to the stricter lockdown.

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Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said:

"All good things must pass and I know that dog walkers have enjoyed the extra few weeks of walking on the beach.

When we said we wouldn't enforce the ban, we gave a commitment to review it on the 1st of June; but we didn't really bank on that beautiful weather we've had for the last two weeks.

So I know some people have expressed concerns about the mixture of dogs and children when the weather's been really nice.

I'm sorry but the not enforcing the dog ban is not sustainable so we're just finalising plans for re-introduction. 

But I promise you we won't do it overnight, so we won't suddenly put an announcement out that says 'you cannot take your dogs on the beach' tomorrow.

We'll give you a week or so notice some time in June, probably about the middle of June."

Here is what Liz had to say:


There are 7 comments on this page.

Barra, on 3rd June 2020 12:24pm
Can some responsible dog owner tell me why, some dog owners pick up there dogs mess in a doggy bag and then throw in a tree or throw it on the floor. I just can’t understand the logic behind this, can someone explain to me why this is done, I can only assume that they don’t want to put it in there own bin at home.
Whitbyman, on 4th June 2020 12:08am
Simple enough Barra, they think they are clever by acting to the letter of the law which says pick up after your dog , they conveniently forget about not littering , which dropping the bag is , as told to me , a dog owner who picks and bins it , by a moron who I pulled up about it a few years ago now . Not fit to own a dog any of them .
Susan Farthing, on 4th June 2020 11:29am
Walking on Scarborough beach on Sunday morning the only waste I saw was left by people, this included dirty nappies, bottles, cans, sandwich wrappers and takeaway wrappers. I did not see any dog waste, bagged or otherwise. I find it bewildering that Scarborough Council finds the sight of dogs on the beach so offensive but do not seem to be bothered by the utter mess left by selfish people.
Barra, on 5th June 2020 9:48am
You must be a touchy dog owner, I must have hit on a raw nerve about the doggy poo .
Keek, on 4th June 2020 11:53am
Hooray, for the ban returning! It’s the inconsiderate dog owners, who assume they own all the beach, leaving nowhere for children to play, families to sit and enjoy, without a dog racing around, off the lead! Not to mention the filth, left behind, all around our beautiful seafront and gardens, shameful! None dog owners, have a right to some dog free space, whatever the reason.
Stuart1903, on 4th June 2020 6:51pm
What a considerate and well thought out response.
Congratulations you win idiot of the week.
Barra, on 5th June 2020 9:50am
Another touchy dog owner maybe

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