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Scarborough Care Home Owner Reacts to National Press Story

Scarborough Care Home Owner Reacts to National Press Story

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 3rd June 2020.

The Managing Director of a care home in Scarborough says he filled 19 beds with pensioners who came out of hospital, possibly with coronavirus, to help the community and the NHS.

Mike Padgham, who owns St Cecilia's Care Home on Filey Road, has been reacting to a story in the Sun newspaper this week - and insists the information was already in the public domain.

He says all the new residents were looked after on a separate floor to the existing ones, although a man who's father had died of cancer at the home, was quoted in the article as saying he was 'amazed this was allowed'.

Mike said:

“We are proud of the role we are playing in helping to fight coronavirus in this area.

Like many local homes, we have agreed to take in those with coronavirus when they are discharged from hospital as it is important that they have somewhere they can be cared for and that we all contribute to tackling the virus. This was in response to a request from Government, the NHS and local authorities for this support. All along we have followed the best advice from Public Health England on providing this special level of care.

We have isolated a complete floor of our nursing home, so that those with coronavirus are kept completely separate from other residents and they are cared for accordingly. Taking in discharged hospital patients has not caused the number of other coronavirus cases we have had in the home to increase.

We have kept our residents and their families up to date and they have been very supportive of what we have been doing to protect residents and staff.

All of our staff have done a truly amazing job in caring for our residents during these most challenging, frightening and unprecedented times.

As national commentators have noted, many homes across the country are suffering financially because of falling admissions and rising costs. This is putting the future of some in jeopardy.

But because we have taken a sensible, careful approach, have accepted a contract to look after discharged patients and have cared for them carefully and professionally, we have not only made our contribution to the fight against coronavirus but also remained in a financially stable position to safeguard the home and the jobs of our staff.”

He's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..


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Whitbyman, on 3rd June 2020 8:20am
Well done Mike for stepping up , I don’t always agree with your comments but anyone who criticised this decision lacks humanity and compassion, sadly there will be people who care about themselves more than anyone else but they have a choice , accept and understand or move to somewhere else for care .
Sue Stone, on 3rd June 2020 4:27pm
It is sad that this was only admitted after media exposure. His full interview explains the real reason is not compassion but financial - despite whilst many businesses have had to close this industry has been least hit by the lockdown. "that we would keep taking admissions, with or without a Covid-19 diagnosis, to ensure we stayed viable and protected the jobs of our staff.”

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