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Scarborough Council On Overcrowding Due To Seafront Closure

Scarborough Council On Overcrowding Due To Seafront Closure

Published by Karen Liu at 12:30pm 2nd June 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council has responded to reports that road closures are leading to overcrowding elsewhere.

People have been saying that shutting places on the seafront to motorists is leading them to go to Cayton Bay instead.

It had resulted in more cars parking up and more visitors which may make it difficult to be socially distance.

Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said:

"I can't see it. I mean yes, we'll consider everything and we monitor Cayton Bay very carefully. 

But I can't see how closing a road in Scarborough, like Foreshore Road for example, would force people to Cayton Bay; because if people are objecting or finding it hard to access the beach because the road is closed, for sure they're going to find it much harder to access Cayton Bay beach by parking along that road there. It's a much bigger walk.

I think what we've got is unseasonably lovely weather, which we've really enjoyed, and a lot more visitors.

So Scarborough was still fairly busy, as were Whitby and Filey, and I have a friend who lives locally to Cayton Bay, I know cars were parked right the way up to Knipe Point to Cayton Bay.

But I can't say that's displaced activity because we've closed Foreshore Road."

Here's what Liz had to say:


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Country Boy, on 2nd June 2020 1:06pm
Load of rubbish. Closing a road in Scarborough makes no difference to Cayton. Everywhere is so busy, the great British public are having a right royal frenzy. I’m sorry Cayton residents, but look at poor Gothland Being trashed, Robin hoods bay rammed, Filey, Flamborough and all other places are rammed too.
Zen master7, on 2nd June 2020 6:53pm
Most went to Filey. It was packed. Cars parked on the beach
(yes really). They pushed the bollards back on ravine road and parked
All the way up.
I've never seen so many large families, let alone the non adheranc3
To the social distancing.
The poor traffic warden had his work cut out!
yorkshireboy, on 3rd June 2020 7:16am
There was one car that pulled onto the beach and got stuck, and on a different day a van pulled on the beach.

And if SBC had not tried to make life as difficult as possible the end result may have been totally different.

In Filey the on street parking on the Ravine for people to get to the beach CLOSED OFF.

The country park car park CLOSED OFF.

And in Scarborough the whole of the seafront closed off, could have easily been made one way only.

SBC have gone out of there way to make life as difficult as possible.

Shug, on 3rd June 2020 7:46am
6 Campervans overnight parking near Redcliff farm, also at Cayton bay. Marine drive full of cars, meters closed ? free parking. Rubbish everywhere. No ploice to be seen.
zara, on 3rd June 2020 8:58am
agree with Yorkshireboy, it does not make sense when people are allowed to travel and visit these places that the council should keep the car parks closed! They are coming anyway, may as well make some money out of them and at least keep them parked legally, its not as if a car par is somewhere where you cannot socially distance! Or maybe the council think they can get more money by employing the traffic warden!!!
Mark Moorhouse, on 3rd June 2020 8:59am
Camper Van Parked on Marine Drive on Sunday. Occupants sat outside sunbathing. Police car drive straight past and took no notice what so ever.
Barra, on 3rd June 2020 10:11am
What is wrong with people sat outside a camper van sun bathing, it’s no different to people sat outside a car sun bathing. I would expect the police to drive past without stopping, as they are not doing anything wrong. The thing that is illegal at the moment is to stay overnight in either a camper van or in a car.
Jonnyb, on 3rd June 2020 11:11am
Useless SBC the deputy dictator makes another daft comment
If you close access roads of course people will move to different parts of the coast.
Would you believe that SBC closed the memorial gardens in Filey with a padlock & chain. They have no respect.
No even allowed to show respect to the men who gave their lives so little dictators in the council can have their day.
My grandfather would have removed that lock.
Let’s hope SBC show as much attention to the needs of Filey when the crisis is over.
Support the NHS

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