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McDonalds Drive Thru Reopens in Scarborough and Bridlington

McDonalds Drive Thru Reopens in Scarborough and Bridlington

Published by Matthew Pells at 10:46am 2nd June 2020. (Updated at 1:21pm 2nd June 2020)

The McDonalds Drive Thru's at Eastfield in Scarborough and on Bessingby Road in Bridlington will be reopen from 11am today.

McDonalds say they are reopening at 168 drive-thru locations from 11am today, with a further 22 restaurants open for delivery.

In a statement the company say..

"We are glad to be back but it will look a little different and may take a little longer, so please bear with us. 

  • We have fewer employees in our kitchens to enable our teams to social distance and work safely 
  • We will have a limited menu (no breakfast or Shakes for now) and will open for reduced hours (11am-10pm) 
  • We encourage you to use contactless payment methods and cap your spend at £25
  • For those visiting our Drive Thrus, you can browse the menu, order and pay ahead using the My McDonald’s App - we’ll start preparing your order when you’re near the restaurant. 

Traffic management is now in place at McDonald's at Eastfield, after there were queues of cars waiting to get to the drive thru. It meant that motorists who wanted to get to Morrison's had to also wait to go in or out:

Here is the traffic management, which now filters two lanes: 


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Zen master7, on 2nd June 2020 12:37pm
No milkshakes. That's a shame.
Reason 45768 not to go.
Yorkshire80, on 2nd June 2020 6:39pm
How sad are these people! I'd rather eat my own pants than a McDonald's

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