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Yorkshire Coast Businesses Urged To Consider Disabilities

Yorkshire Coast Businesses Urged To Consider Disabilities

Published by Karen Liu at 12:35pm 1st June 2020.

A charity is urging Yorkshire Coast businesses to consider the needs of people with disabilities.

It is as many shops will be making pre-opening preparations as lockdown measures are slightly eased on June 15th.

Jackie Snape, Chief Executive of Disability Action Yorkshire, said:

"It's just things like making sure your hand sanitiser stations are accessible, they're not too high for a wheelchair user to use. Or to understand that the one person rule is really, really important but some people actually do need somebody with them; just things like that.

It can create a number of challenges for people for a variety of reasons.

Some people may just need someone with them to help them to reach shopping for example. Some people with a hidden disability, such as people on the autistic spectrum, may need somebody with them because they're not confident in being in a shop on their own."





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