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Calls For A Re-Think On Argos Development In Scarborough

Calls For A Re-Think On Argos Development In Scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 9:12am 1st June 2020.

The Conservative Shadow Cabinet  on Scarborough Borough Council is calling for a re-think on the proposed redevelopment of the town's Argos building.

It is due to be discussed by the Overview and Scrutiny Board on Wednesday (3rd June) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group, in a statement to the committee, said:

"When the decision was made on the development last July the economic situation of the Council and the nation was very different than it is today.

The site has been put forward as part of the Scarborough Town Centre Regeneration and would provide student and NHS key worker accommodation and the establishment of a Town square adjacent to St Helen's Square. 

Whilst the Borough Council is bidding for a multi-million contribution to effect the necessary reinvention of both Scarborough and Whitby Town Centres we cannot be assured that this will be successful.  

We ask what is the plan B if the hoped for funds are not available? What alternative plans are there for the regeneration of the Newborough area? 

The Town Centre Strategy work initiated under the previous administration showed how community and business leaders could come together and produce a vision for how they wanted our Town Centre to change.

Unfortunately, the partnership working promised last July with a cross party working group has been abandoned by the present administration.

The vast majority of elected members have not had a chance to scrutinise the decisions made by the present cabinet."

The Shadow Cabinet says they are many uncertainties regarding the partnership funding of the scheme and that it should not proceed for the foreseeable future.

It also says any further decisions should also be brought to full council to allow every elected member to have their say on a project that will dominate all future funding plans.


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zara, on 1st June 2020 11:58am
of course it would be nice if the tax payers were consulted as well, you know just like they were over the Futurist and the sands development!! The council leader and their close cohorts will only ever do what they want and that applies to the current lot as well as the last lot. All as bad as each other. For some reason they all love spending millions of our money on grandiose schemes which never seem to come to fruition except for the bits that benefit the developer and probably a few others! Forgot to add that maybe Mr Bastiman could find out what is happening about that massive millions of pounds of loan that he gave to Benchmark??
JohnfromScarborough, on 1st June 2020 4:38pm
Have I got this right. The Conservative shadow cabinet are not putting forward a vision for a plan B for what they would actually like to see happen to this building? If so, that is only one step away from demolishing the Argos building and waiting in the hope that someone will eventually come along with a financially viable proposal to develop the empty site. Just like the Futurist .
Zen master7, on 2nd June 2020 5:57pm
What self respecting NHS worker would want to live in that
area of town. Its full of drug addled and thief's.

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