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Objection to Plans for New Retail Park in Bridlington

Objection to Plans for New Retail Park in Bridlington

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Joe Gerrard at 4:34pm 29th May 2020.

A Bridlington shopping arcade has claimed plans for a new retail development including Lidl and B&M stores would lead to the “decay” of the town centre.

The Promenades Shopping Centre said the development, next to Bridlington’s Grade II listed railway station, would draw trade away from the already “fragile” town centre.

It would follow the closure of large high street chains including Marks and Spencer and Boots and come as footfall has declined in the centre, the arcade added.

Others also objected to the proposed demolition of some of Bridlington Station’s excursion platforms claiming it would reduce rail capacity.

Developers said the shops, which would be built over a disused coach park on Hilderthorpe Road, would complement the town centre’s offering and improve links between it and the station.

They added the plans would improve the retail offering at a leading gateway to the town. Plans include a Lidl, B&M and garden centre, with parking for 237 vehicles.

brid shop plans

The Promenades stated in objections to East Riding Council that Bridlington’s capacity for more shops had been repeatedly overestimated in the last 15 years.

The Promenades said:

“Like many high street shopping centres, the centre is facing significant current and continued issues due to widespread changes in the retail industry which have seen decreases in spending, footfall and competition from online.

The proposed development has the potential to further decay the fragile viability of town centre and The Promenades. The cross over in goods to be sold is immediately apparent.

Increasing the supply of retail space on the fringe of the already challenged town centre will further dilute the retail spend and take it away from the centre.”

Rail development consultant David Walford stated in his objection that plans to demolish an excursion platform at the station were “short sighted”.

Mr Walford said:

“Rail travel has almost doubled since privatisation with station after station running out of capacity.

The excursion platforms at Bridlington offer both expansion facilities, capacity for engineering trains and possible use for excursion traffic in an expanding market.

Bridlington may miss out on this as long excursion trains cannot stop on main running lines.”

Developers stated in their submissions to East Riding Council that the shops would complement the wider regeneration of the town centre.

The applicants said:

“The Grade II listed Bridlington Station offers a positive setting for the new development. It’s southern elevation provides an attractive backdrop. It will create a welcoming gateway into the town.

The development would make better use of a key gateway site, providing facilities that will complement the existing town centre offer and enhace connectivity between the site, Bridlington Railway Station and the centre.

The site is in a sustainable location within Bridlington town centre and is easily accessible.”

Developers added that 81 per cent of respondents to a consultation said there was a need for more shops in Bridlington. The percentage in favour of the plans was 67 per cent.

Bridlington Town Council has also backed the plans.


There are 6 comments on this page.

zara, on 29th May 2020 5:37pm
there are plenty of places for shops in the centre already absolutely no need to be building more, just use the ones there. Of course the developers will say anything to get planning permission. Respondents said there was a need for more shops, thats because so many are closed down. Try developing those first before building more. If there is a disused coach park try using it for car parking instead.
Barra, on 30th May 2020 9:09am
Bridlington needs new shops including Lidl and B&M. Scarborough has both of these stores out of town so why shouldn’t Bridlington. It will also be easier to park and it would be free parking. This would encourage people from out of town to come to Bridlington, we often have to travel from Bridlington to both Scarborough and Driffield to go to Lidl and B&M stores, so this would save us a journey, so better for the planet as we could walk to the Bridlington stores. It would be also icing on the cake, it we got the KFC as well. These plans must and will get the go ahead, I would love to here what the Bridlington residents have to say, I know that the majority will want this.
Andrew MacArthur, on 30th May 2020 10:51am
The proposed site SHOULD still be the coach park (and car park) - relocating the coach park to an out-of-town location, away from the town centre is laughable.

With Hilderthorpe Road being improved, keeping it as a coach/car park provides good facilities - especially as it has a toilet block which is due to be demolished as part of the proposed development.

As previously said, there is a NEED for more shops in the town centre with many empty properties which should be demolished for any new shopping facilities and to improve the appalling appearance of the run-down town centre generally.

This is the council making decisions without seriously using common-sense, the usual secret-meetings and decision-making with the opportunity for objections simply being a token gesture at `democracy`. Disgusted.

WHY are there so many empty shops - lack of footfall. WHY lack of footfall? getting to Brid is a nghtmare. Road access to Brid is deplorable while rail fares are so high - why not get decent roads built so people can get to and from Brid far quicker - without the snails-pace frustration of the lengthy tail-backs `enjoyed` for so long. Road and rail from Leeds/York NEED to be direct to get people coming back to what could be a thriving town. The whole transport infrastructure is all-but non-existant.

Modernise Brid town centre, give decent road access and plenty of parking (on the EXISTING coach/car park) and only then will Brid start to thrive again.

The council seem to live in the dark ages... Providing more shops will NOT bring more people to Brid while providing better road and rail access WILL do so. Plain as day to anyone with commonsense and no political or money to be gained for this laughable scheme.
BridResident, on 30th May 2020 12:29pm
Theres already too many cheap and discounter stores in Bridlington. Expand the linear park to cover the whole carpark lets have a greenspace instead and encourage more visitors to use the park and ride.
Tony Cowan, on 30th May 2020 8:42pm
This development would never have got of the drawing board if the land had not belonged to the council, it is corrupt. The land should be turned back into the coach and car park as it was. Since the coach park has moved, because it is too far out of town both coaches and people have stopped coming to brid. The council are out of touch with what is happening in retail, what seemed a very good project ten years ago is wrong NOW. Please council admit things are changing fast and take a step back and re appraise.
If you don’t you will find in a few years YOU have killed the town.
Being a trader in the town, I noticed the biggest downturn in trade was when the redevelopment roadworks were taking place, when I wrote to you (ERYC) you said it will be worth it in the end. Well you ask the majority of traders in the town and it wasn’t, some shops were 70% down and have never recovered. One of the biggest problem we’re the traffic jams to get into town and people have gone elsewhere and not returned. Now you are planning to open a out of date retail park on the busiest road junction in brid, can you really be that stupid.STOP THINK AGAIN BEFORE YOU KILL BRID FOREVER. I’m lucky I only have a short lease so I can relocate my business to a town where the council act in the best interest. Spend you money on better parking in town and make it user friendly instead of using motorists as a revenue stream
Barra, on 6th June 2020 8:13pm
When this coronavirus pandemic is over there will be very few shops open in Bridlington, just heard today that rags Restaraunt on the harbour has gone bust. With high rents, rates, vat, tax, how can any business in Bridlington survive.

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