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Anger in Goathland After Mass Gathering Overruns Village

Anger in Goathland After Mass Gathering Overruns Village

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 8:53am 27th May 2020. (Updated at 9:18am 27th May 2020)

Residents in Goathland and Beck Hole say they are furious after a mass gathering saw a building damaged, the church yard used as a toilet and enough litter left behind to fill 35 bin bags.

In what appears to be an organised mass gathering, around 50 people congregated at Thomasson Foss waterfall near Beck Hole on Bank Holiday Monday. 

Goathland resident Kerry Rees told Yorkshire Coast Radio about the chaos in Goathland and at the nearby waterfall:

"A young couple going for a walk took pictures. There was untold amounts of rubbish from picnic stuff, food wrappers, beer cans, dirty nappies, there was all sorts down there. The cars on that Bank Holiday Monday were horrendous. The village was just swamped. It wasn't like a normal Bank Holiday. The vandalism in the village, they were downright nasty. The guys from the post office were being abused all day. It was horrendous"

The Goathland Community Hub tweeted about damage to their property and the village in general:

A group of locals went to Thomasson Foss waterfall, accessible from Beck Hole along a challenging rocky path, and they collected 35 bags of litter. 

Kerry said, apart from the fact mass gatherings are illegal currently, even in normal times the waterfall is not a place for large numbers to gather and drink, due to its remote location and steep drops:

"At any stage for that place to hold that many people is dangerous. It's really rocky, it's very uneven. That many people jumping off that waterfall, as apparently they were, it's dangerous. To do it in lockdown with absolutely no social distancing is just horrendous"

Listen to Kerry's interview with Paddy earlier:


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TERESA PATTERSON, on 27th May 2020 9:48am
This is absolutely not acceptable by any one at any time and even more
so when all this crisis is going on and every one is to be social distancing
what planet are you all on those who did this over the weekend should be ashamed of themselves you should not be visiting these places because we are not ready for you and if I am honest after seeing the photos don't think we should be letting you back and not only goathland but other places were people have treated our lovely coastal areas as a litter bin and a toilet these places are we all live and respect so please can you also respect it you should be staying closer to home not coming and trashing the place and believe me locals to these areas do not behave in this way this is getting out of hand now and why should all these hot spots get more visitors and hope we don't go in to local lockdown as you all come to areas in a mass crowd
Yorkshire80, on 27th May 2020 2:46pm
Well said, this behaviour is utterly unacceptable
zara, on 27th May 2020 12:25pm
you have to be kidding about locals not behaving in this way. I often wonder what planet you are living on. Try walking around some of the areas of town. Not saying that it is acceptable to do this kind of thing but you really do go overboard in your comments. There is nothing wrong with people visiting this area, from a previous comment i believe you have only lived here a couple of years but probably visited before that. Maybe if there were toilets open at least the masses would have had no excuse to use the churchyard and other places.
I live in the countryside and believe me i have seen plenty of rubbish being left along the rights of way over the past couple of months and that has been from the locals who never usually use them.
Yorkshire80, on 27th May 2020 2:53pm
Have you bothered to read the article or look at the pictures? Who cares who's lived there for what length of time, the fact is the people who left the place in that state have no respect or common decency. Unfortunately wherever you go a lot of people dont have respect either. I'm a key worker and the amount of rubbish I've seen strewn around Scarborough, Filey, Whitby & Bridlington is appalling. I've seen rubbish thrown from cars & vans too, unbelievable.
dobo54, on 28th May 2020 11:28am
Scum of the earth, wonder where they came from?.

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