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Re-Opening Of Some Scarborough Borough Toilets Explained

Re-Opening Of Some Scarborough Borough Toilets Explained

Published by Karen Liu at 12:27pm 26th May 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council has been explaining why some its public toilets were open over the weekend.

Last week, it decided to keep the facilities close to try and deter visitors from coming to the Yorkshire Coast.

But ahead of the bank holiday weekend, the authority said if there was a demand in busy areas it would open some public conveniences. 

Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said:

"So we opened them because, particularly on Wednesday, not having loo facilities resulted in absolutely shocking behaviour.

So there was public urination and worse, there were deposits left in strange places and that in itself is a public health issue. We can't have that.

We can't have dirty streets and dirty beaches and dirty seas the way we had.

We monitor them really closely and there are notices through them.

We can't change the shape they are, I mean a lot of them are old Victorian things aren't they? But when we need to clean them, we have to close them; because it's not safe for our staff to be in while they're being used, because you can't allow two metres in-between.

So I think by-in-large I think people appreciated it."

Liz has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning about how the bank holiday weekend had gone:


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zara, on 27th May 2020 8:18am
considering that we have so few toilets in the borough that probably means they opened one! Try providing more toilets for the residents and visitors on a permanent basis. Its embarrassing how few there are in the area.
Whitbyman, on 27th May 2020 12:26pm
So we have a toilet or two open
So we had to
So stop starting every sentence with so as it’s SO annoying!
What other “ buzz words “ will be next I wonder

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