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Green Light For New Scarborough Nightclub

Green Light For New Scarborough Nightclub

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 1:58pm 22nd May 2020.

A new nightclub in Scarborough has been given the green light after securing a premises licence to allow it to open.

The owners of Decades Bar, proposed for the old Mansion nightclub building in Aberdeen Walk, have announced that they have been granted the licence following a hearing held on Wednesday.

Frazer Jones and Martin Weaver told Scarborough Council’s licensing sub-committee that the club would be a “safe addition” to the town, despite an objection from North Yorkshire Police, which said the prospect of the nightclub operating was “extremely worrying”.

In a post on the Decades Bar Facebook page, the applicants have revealed that the committee has granted the licence.

The post said:

“After such a long process, many hours of planning, jumping through many hoops we can finally confirm that Decades Bar & Club Scarborough has been granted a premises licence.

We would like to thank the council and sub-committee for approaching this process with common sense.”

The post added that there was “still a long way to go” before it could open. During the hearing it was revealed that the pair planned to open only one floor of the nightclub at first, catering for around 270 people.

Scarborough Council is yet to formally announce its decision and what restrictions will be imposed on the licence and the hours it can operate.




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Arturo, on 23rd May 2020 3:13pm
I think It's great news for Scarborough and the kids. I'm 68 now but I remember that building, when I came out of the Army in the earl seventies I used to have some great nights in there, it used to be called scene one and scene two, on two levels and some of the big stars used to play live. A seaside town without a night club, crazy. Don't be stick in the muds, let the kids have the same crazy fun we used to have, and remember when they are giving it rock all on the dance floor, they're taking a break from drinking and sweating it out...!!!
Dobbs, on 23rd May 2020 4:22pm
A & E Dept and the Poice are going to be busy.

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