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North Yorkshire Police To Keep 'Close Eye' On Visitor Numbers

North Yorkshire Police To Keep 'Close Eye' On Visitor Numbers

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 23rd May 2020.

North Yorkshire Police say they will be keeping a close eye on the amount of people visiting the county this bank holiday weekend.

The changes to the lockdown regulations last week mean people can now travel further to take exercise but restrictions are still in place on meeting up in groups.

Mike Walker, Deputy Chief Constable of the county's police force, said:

"In the last two weeks prior to the easement of the restrictions, we were ranked number one nationally in the number of fixed penalty notices issued.

What that shows, certainly the residents of North Yorkshire, is that we have been out in numbers stopping and speaking to people and finding out why they have been out of the house.

Obviously since the easement of restrictions, there are many more reasonable excuses to be able to leave our house and therefore we haven't issued as many fixed penalty notices.

We are still enforcing the COVID regulations; largely for gatherings of people from mixed households.

We need to keep a close eye on the amount of traffic coming into North Yorkshire. 

We need to keep a close eye on the numbers of people travelling to some of those beauty spots and ensuring that people are sticking to the COVID restrictions that are in place."


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TERESA PATTERSON, on 23rd May 2020 7:21am
Lets hope if we have to many visitors in any one area you
turn others away or close the roads i dont know how many have
sadly died in whitby but know north esst and yorkshire are still
Scarboria Resident, on 23rd May 2020 12:30pm
Lets all now wake up and appreciate the issues facing us.
During lock down, the PM said we MUST avoid going to other households, avoid the vulnerable and only essential travel. Two ministers now say what Dominic Cummins did was reasonable despite travelling over 260 miles to his aged parents whilst having the symptons of the virus.
We are being asked to send the young to school just before the summer break yet MPs are not attending Parliament and even considering an early summer recess.
zara, on 24th May 2020 8:50pm
well what it shows is that North Yorkshire police have obviously no other crimes going on in the area if they have so much time to be top of the ranking for issuing fines!!

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