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Further Advice Issued To Yorkshire Coast Visitors

Further Advice Issued To Yorkshire Coast Visitors

Published by Karen Liu at 10:11am 22nd May 2020.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has offered further advice to those thinking of visiting the coast and Local Nature Reserves in the coming days over the Bank Holiday weekend and beyond.

Councillor Richard Burton, leader of the council, said:

“Anyone intending to come and visit the East Riding coast this weekend or our Local Nature Reserves must stay alert and observe social distancing at all times.  

I ask them to be respectful of our local communities, and to be responsible in their actions.

Our local residents need space as well, and local shops are intended for essential purchases by local people.

I must stress again that all tourism businesses like hotels, guest houses and most restaurants and cafes remain closed.

Caravan sites are of course also still closed. Visitors should be aware that a trip to the coast this weekend and next week will not offer the usual facilities.

We look forward to welcoming visitors in the future when all our facilities will be open again, and of course I would remind people that the beauty of the East Riding coast and our Local Nature Reserves will still be there in time to come, for people to enjoy.”


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Barra, on 23rd May 2020 9:31am
So why Richard are you encouraging people to come to Bridlington, by keeping all roads open (unlike Scarborough) and keeping car parks open (unlike Scarborough) and worst of all suspending the car park charges. You then have the ordasity to say that you are loosing money, if the car parks are open charge people. The next thing you will be saying is that the council tax is going up by the maximum it can, so the East Riding residents with be expected to pay for the councils failings. Can I just ask Richard Burton why he is doing the opposite of the Scarborough borough council, who are trying to deter people from coming to the east coast.
Barra, on 31st May 2020 8:45pm
Went for a walk today Sunday 31st May and there was only one Disabled toilet open on the south side, with about 30 people queuing up and the gents and ladies toilets next to it closed. This does not help at all with social distancing, what planet is this council leader on, and the car parking charges are still are suspended. The parking opposite the marine bar on North marine drive in Bridlington was full, the council could of taken thousands of pounds over the weekend in parking charges. I bet Richard burton is not as laxed when it comes to next years council tax increases.

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