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Children 'Least At Risk' Says MP for Scarborough and Whitby

Children 'Least At Risk' Says MP for Scarborough and Whitby

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 26th May 2020.

Children are the least at risk from coronavirus - that's the message from the MP for Scarborough and Whitby.

Robert Goodwill has been speaking, ahead of government plans to re-open schools from next week.

That's caused concern for teachers, unions and parents, with one worry being how to maintain safe social distancing.

Robert said:

"Children themselves are not at risk from this disease. It's the teachers who I think need to see how they can change some of their practices - but we do need to be realistic that while we can, for example, have smaller class sizes, we only maybe bring back two year groups, so the schools aren't as full. We can move the desks further apart, but yes, there are going to be challenges."

Robert's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..


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yorkshireboy, on 26th May 2020 7:00am
Think I will save that statement from Mr Goodwill that "Children Are Not At Risk".

Let's see what Dr Goodwill has to say when a child is infected.
The Orical, on 26th May 2020 8:09am
As an ex-teacher I think this debate will roll on and
On. It can't be 100% safe for children, adults and
Families. Schools have always been breeding grounds
For bugs, illnesses, viruses and mini beasts!

One solution no one seems to have tabled is to
Gap Year the system, take a full year out for the
Whole education system, like many youngster's
Are now considering due to online tuition.

Use the year to train and update teachers in the
New technologies so they can adapt to any
Distance learning and home teaching. Not just
Furlough or redeployed but re-education and build
A better system fit for the new techno kids. The
University system can support and train too with the
Aim of enhancing not sticky plastering the system
Which is lagging behind many countries in technology.

Support can still be provided to key worker's and
Special needs children through educational childcare
Services as being done at present and extending
Into community as needed as the virus becomes
More manageable.

Yes, children loose a year but, return next year to
Pick up where they left off. Back in old school with
Old friends and classmates. Not missing the trials
And tribulations of sats, exams, sports day's, school
Proms and graduation to the big schools.

School staff have an opportunity to adapt to the new
Technologies and combat future speed bumps
With new vigorous goals and aspirations. Letting
Teacher's teach and not administrate.

To the lost year, one we'll have thanks to the NHS and key
Worker's. Many like me have been affected by the
Raised retirement age, so add another year and
Save lives, and aid the mental health and
Wellbeing of children and the educational

An alternative view and vision I feel needs airing
At a time when many workers, the parents are
Reviewing their careers in light of covid-19.

The Pademic may provide the opportunity to change
An outdated education system, what better
Tribute to those who have been lost to it. We've
Done it before out of mind's of most as the world
Wars of the 1900's Are for many just history, but the
world rebuilding New society from ashes isn't
fiction but fact from the Ashe's of conflict.

What will readers in 50 year's time discover about
This pademic, will it show a zest for change, dare
I say Brexit! Or just a memorial to the lost souls who
Died early. Let's honour them as fallen heroes and
Build a better future for our children in their honour.
A worldwide Pademic which each country will write
There own epilogue to.

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