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'Take Self Responsibility' Says Scarborough and Whitby MP

'Take Self Responsibility' Says Scarborough and Whitby MP

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 22nd May 2020.

The MP for Scarborough and Whitby says we need to take responsibility for ourselves when it comes to social distancing.

Robert Goodwill's been reacting to concern from some residents who've reported large numbers of visitors this week.

He says people shouldn't really be coming, but if they are we need to adapt the way we behave.

Robert said:

"There may be idiots on the beach. there may be people coming to the coast, who haven't listened to the message - but that's no reason for you to put yourself in danger by joining them.

Life isn't fair - we just need to protect ourselves. If you're in Whitby and you're walking down Church Street and it's crowded - people are being funnelled into an area turn round and go out. There's plenty of wide open space in North Yorkshire for exercise."

Robert's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..




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Whitbyman, on 22nd May 2020 8:59am
Not a sentiment I’d ever thought I’d share with our mp but he’s right , you don’t have to join the stupid people on the beach and just because you live here doesn’t give more right to the beach than someone from York so as Forest Gump said “stupid is as stupid does “
TERESA PATTERSON, on 22nd May 2020 10:59am
Yes i agree with you both we only been on the beach once since moving
here 3 years ago and that was for a walk with our dogs a couple
of weeks ago on a sunday and only 10 people walking the full beach
with dogs that was before boris changed travel any were we have to think about safty of our familys and others
and NHS care staff and vunrable and hope no one over the weekend
uses the hospital car park and most importantly the hostpital

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