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Litter Left On Scarborough Beach After Visitor Surge

Litter Left On Scarborough Beach After Visitor Surge

Published by Karen Liu at 1:17pm 21st May 2020. (Updated at 1:18pm 21st May 2020)

There are concerns from residents in Scarborough about litter being left on the beach after a surge in visitors yesterday.

Many people turned up to the coast during the warm and hot weather yesterday.

Residents on social media posted pictures of the litter on the beach, showing nappies, glass and plastic being left on the sand.

Earlier today, Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council said:

"We've enjoyed eight weeks of clean beaches and I'm not saying it's only holidaymakers that do this, but it's a fact the more people there are on the beach, the more litter gets left so take your rubbish with you and don't feed the seagulls because that's started up again. The seagulls have come down from the cliff so there are just some basic rules.

I don't know what it is about the sunshine, it seems to make people forget."

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There are 8 comments on this page.

yorkshireboy, on 21st May 2020 1:29pm
This is a very misleading set of pictures clearly designed to cause uproar.

The picture of bottles side by side is clearly posed, those bottles can be seen spread out.

That leaves 3 pictures.

Social media has carried the fuller picture which clearly shows this as a small area and the rest of the beach is fairly empty in both humans and any visible rubbish.

Tim Clark, on 21st May 2020 5:36pm
The bottles lined up were by the guy that made an effort to go and clean it all up at 8pm.

It was bad that somebody feels it is their right to leave their glass and nappies for somebody else to pick up after them. It was worse than anything I've seen on a much busier beach.

Yes it was clearly one party of people that let the rest of us locals and visitors down
Jon Partridge, on 21st May 2020 3:24pm
What happened to closing the roads along the seafront?
Peter croft, on 21st May 2020 3:46pm
I have to say even though my business depends on tourism, Whitby has been a lot cleaner during lockdown
Not as many pizza boxes etc blowing around and less dog poo left for your children to stand in
Quite controversial thought but should dogs be checked for microchips the way cars are checked for parking permits and fines given?
ellie7792, on 22nd May 2020 9:03am
I have made a suggestion to the council that barriers are put on at both bays with vehicle recognition so in times like these visitors don't get through but locals can still use their home town facilities where possible . Also in bad weather the barrier can be shut off so no one can enter fr safety reasons .
If car parks are closed off, signs are in place to say area is closed to visitors and Police are out there moving people on surely this should work.
Yesterday on the news in other area on TV people openly admitted to breaching the covid rules so police should have arrested them as well as fined them for putting others at risk
ellie7792, on 22nd May 2020 9:09am
Don't you think we are a tad too soft in this country with how we enforce things. Boris tells us we can go out but stay 2 metres apart but clearly on national TV 2 large families met up in a public place and didn't stick to those rules putting not just the NHS under added pressure but everyone else at risk. They would have been the first rushing to hospital if they got poorly and crying that they could not be with their loved ones when they passed away. We need to start cracking down making arrests not just fines that most won't have the money to pay. Why should public services be put as uncessary risk just because people won't do what's safe. Lock it all down again. Use the staff that are now out of work to form a work force to get it in control.
Kirki, on 22nd May 2020 11:16am
Praise the person who tried to clean up. Not Boris and his idiots who have aloud this and support the minority who leave the rubbish but are probably spreading the virous.

A twenty mile (suggestion) to leasure travel would at least allow police to control these issues.

People have been seen urinating in the streets of Filey. Apparently mercedes come with a bucket fro ladies to urinate in Church Ravine Filey. You cannot open toilets at the moment common sence so why oh why are people being allowed to travel so far.
TERESA PATTERSON, on 22nd May 2020 1:29pm
Just seen the new stay alert advert on TV and it says stay
alert stay home as much as possible work from home if you can
Limit your contact with other people if you HAVE to go out keep
your distance wash hands nothing about going out and crowding
the coastal areas and parks to the point no one can save distance
from another person we have to think what will happen in weeks
to come public toilets are closed for a reason and car parks and
to rubbish is not right not by a long way why should litter be left
I clap on a thursday knowing i doing the right thing by following
the goverment first guide lines safe the NHS i think its to sson
i think end of june if the deaths are very very low stay safe all
of you NHS are still working hard and all care staff in care homes
They cant see there loved ones yet lots of people have gone to
beaches and parks so unfair on the elderly the sheilding people

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