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'We Share Everyone's Concerns' Says Scarborough Council

'We Share Everyone's Concerns' Says Scarborough Council

Published by Karen Liu at 9:37am 21st May 2020.

The Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council says she shares the concerns from residents about the number of people visiting beaches.

Yesterday saw queues of traffic to seafronts and busy beaches in the warm and hot weather.

Some are worried about whether or not social distancing is being observed.

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Liz Colling said:

"I don't understand why some people seem to forget that we're still in a pandemic situation and the virus is still circulating.

So we can't close the town, and sometimes I wish we could, but we're going to continue to work hard to discourage visitors from coming.

Our key message to them is you can come and take your exercise, and I understand sunbathing and picnics now, but actually, we're not open.

The town isn't open and that's because the government has said that non essential businesses can't be open; so shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs and tourist attractions, they're all closed.

Importantly, Scarborough Borough Council can not safely operate a public toilet provision and our car parks are closed, except if you're a key worker or a resident with a permit.

So that should be discouragement enough, I would have hoped, but clearly people think that the hot weather, the warm weather, if I go to the beach, I'll be OK."

Liz has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:

For the issue of car parking and parking machines, Liz said:

"Whatever we do will be wrong. So we could open the car parks again, but to me, that's a really large signal saying 'please come to Scarborough, the parking's sorted' and on the other hand, we can keep them closed and accept that some people are going to abuse it."

Liz added that the authority will keep reviewing the situation.

She says it is essentially the same for the borough's public toilets:

"I personally cannot see how you can safely operate a public toilet provision but I do know that the alternatives are less than pleasant.

So what do we do? Open them? Close them? At the moment we are saying they are closed; and that's where we'll stick for as long as we possibly can."

Liz also has this message about litter:

"We've enjoyed eight weeks of clean beaches and I'm not saying it's only holidaymakers that do this, but it's a fact the more people there are on the beach, the more litter gets left so take your rubbish with you and don't feed the seagulls because that's started up again. The seagulls have come down from the cliff so there are just some basic rules.

I don't know what it is about the sunshine, it seems to make people forget."




There are 7 comments on this page.

Whitbyman, on 21st May 2020 10:05am
It’s about time we made it really difficult and very expensive to come here at the moment, abuse the parking ? Massive fine , park illegally ? Tow it away , I realise that takes time to set up but parking abuse has gone on for years and has to stop , it’s really simple in its message , park wrongly and dangerously and you’ll be towed , wrong message to tourists ? These are people who we don’t want in our town as they don’t care about anything but themselves. It’s about time we stopped mollycoddling the minority and looked after the majority, residents and tourists alike and told the world everyone is welcome but behave as a responsible citizen or this is what will happen .
TERESA PATTERSON, on 21st May 2020 10:41am
Can we not stop people coming in once we see its to full
to do social distance as i seen the rubbish in the bins by the station
early this morning in whitby and the seaguls and pulled it out
all over the place means town was far to busy its a shame people
think we are safe and back to normal and sorry we are not and
surly people should stop and think what they are doing feel
so sorry for the NHS if we get a secound wave
yorkshireboy, on 21st May 2020 10:45am
Please tell me how on earth anybody can speak out about what happened on Wednesday without having any facts whatsoever to back up the statement.

Nobody knows where the extra traffic came from, it could be a few hundred who travelled from the North, South, or West,.
They could have come from East field, Filey, Sherburn, Malton.

And again do we see any proof that any of these people have the virus.. No.

How many residents of Scarborough went out of the area on Wednesday?.

We don't know.

And what about the suggestion to raise parking fees.

With buses supposedly used for essential travel only that will go down well with car owners in Scarborough.
Whitbyman, on 21st May 2020 1:37pm
What possible difference does having the facts make about where people live before anyone comments ? There were too many people to maintain social distancing end of story
zara, on 21st May 2020 11:49am
Just out of interest when was Councillor Colling elected as Deputy Leader, a position which is actually not offically mentioned in the council constitution. The members vote for the leader so if a deputy is required should they not also elect that person?
zara, on 21st May 2020 11:59am
Just out of interest why can the borough not safely support reopening of toilets when other areas can? From what was said last year the queues were lengthy anyway for the few that the council do operate - something that they really should address.
Martin Wadsworth, on 21st May 2020 1:19pm
The public toilets have been closed from day 1 in Scarborough, despite Government guidance that they should remain open. So the Council has made no effort at all to keep them open. Today a member of the council said on YCR that if people coming into Scarborough need to use the toilet then they have come too far a ridiculuos statement. Many people who live in Scarborough walking to the seafront, spending a while enjoying the fresh air etc whilst distancing cpould easily be out for 2 or 3 hours. Perfectly acceptable under the current guidance. Perhaps said Councillor drives everywhere and has a free parking space for which we pay. Most of us do not. Scarborough Borough Council has had a longstanding issue with toilets and the current attitude is an extension of that.

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