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Road Traffic Accidents Double In North Yorkshire

Road Traffic Accidents Double In North Yorkshire

Published by Karen Liu at 7:44am 21st May 2020.

There has been a doubling of the number of road traffic accidents in North Yorkshire in the last week.

The county's Fire Service says that while it has seen a drop in accidents during the lockdown period,  the easing of restrictions brought an instant increase in the number of incidents.

Jon Foster, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, said:

"We have experienced since this last week since the relaxation of the lockdown, a 100 percent increase.

We had eight road traffic collisions which we attended since the 1st of April to the present day.

Over the last week, we've added an extra eight; and while the numbers fairly low, there's bank holiday weekend coming up, cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists in particular, are likely to be increased.

Therefore, I would urge the public to extra careful and vigilant whilst out on the roads."

Jon is also issuing a warning about the risk of fires in Yorkshire's national parks remains very high.

He added:

"The fire severity risk rating for the North Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire Dales national park remains very high.

As people are now tempted to venture out into the countryside for their exercise, please, please be vigilant.

Don't be tempted to light campfires, don't take disposable barbecues with you.

The ground is tinder dry and it'll be very, very easy to ignite."




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Lucylastik, on 22nd May 2020 10:00am
" the easing of restrictions brought an instant increase in the number of incidents. "

And this piece of devastatingly obviousness passes for news, does it?

People are back on the roads after weeks of isolation at home and surprise surprise there are more accidents.


The second wave hasn't even hit yet. Doctors in Northern China are telling the world the virus is mutating but hey, let's go to the beach?

Not on YOUR life.
phill winspear, on 22nd May 2020 10:56am
Whilst cycling a motorist overtook and immediately turned left in front of me, causing me to turn left with him! Reported to police 3 days ago with reg details, still awaiting a reply.

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