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Rise in Visitors to Yorkshire Coast Prompts Plea from Local Council

Rise in Visitors to Yorkshire Coast Prompts Plea from Local Council

Published by Karen Liu at 12:27pm 22nd May 2020. (Updated at 12:53pm 22nd May 2020)

People are being urged to think twice when heading to the Yorkshire coast this bank holiday weekend.

The plea from Scarborough Borough Council follows a rise in people visiting coastal towns and villages in the last couple of days as a result of the warm weather and concerns raised about the ability to socially distance in busy areas.

For those that choose to travel to the coast, the council is asking them to avoid busy places, practise social distancing and respect local communities, the environment and other visitors.

Cllr Liz Colling, Scarborough Borough Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Inclusive Growth, said:

“I know local people are concerned about the difficulties in maintaining social distancing, cars blocking residential areas and litter left on beaches following the recent influx of visitors in the last couple of days.

Working with our partners, we will do all we can for the safety and wellbeing of our residents and our visitors. In return, we need people to do their bit to help.

I ask people to think twice, plan ahead before they set off on their journey and stay alert when they arrive. Please avoid busy areas, including narrow streets and pavements. Remember to respect social distancing at all times by staying at least two metres apart from anyone not in your household.

Sadly, litter on our beaches is not unique to the current situation. It is something we see every year and there is no excuse for it. It’s bad for the environment and spoils other people’s experience. The seafront bins are close to beaches and takeaways where they are most needed and they are emptied regularly. I urge everyone to show some respect. Please dispose of your litter in the bins provided or bag it up and take it home with you. Please don’t feed the gulls.”

The council says it will carry out additional litter picks on beaches.

It will also monitor the impact of visitors during the weekend and says it will open some of its car parks and toilets in busy areas if there is a demand.

The council says it will also support any decision North Yorkshire County Council takes to close key coastal roads to traffic during the weekend to allow more space for pedestrians to socially distance.

Cllr Colling also gave an update on Filey Country Park:

"For Filey Country Park, we had said that we were closed until 31st May, but clearly we're going to be closed that bit longer because the government has said no overnight leisure stays until at least July.

So we're extending that closure date and we are planning to re-open on Saturday 4th July, depending on what the announcements are.

We had to turn about four camper vans away, I think, who clearly hadn't got that message that leisure overnight stays aren't allowed.

I saw some photos of Sandsend in particular where there were a lot of cars parked up. 

If you get somewhere and there's loads of vehicles, it's a fair sign that the lovely, but narrow coastal paths are going to be full. 

So, you need to take the wise decision to move on somewhere else, because the best decision is to stay local to your own home, just for now."




There are 4 comments on this page.

David R, on 22nd May 2020 1:10pm
I'm not surprised people are coming to the town when retail outlets are open on the seafront. Thought they were supposed to be closed.
yorkshireboy, on 22nd May 2020 2:19pm
Totally agree with the other responder.

The council say don't come we are closed..

But how can places like Filey be classed as closed when Fish and Chip shops are open and trading.

A certain pub just outside of Filey building a large wooden take away hut and counter.

Has SBC given planning permission for this building and takeaway service.

People are going to come no matter what.

Thousands have lost holidays.

zara, on 22nd May 2020 2:24pm
the visitors are going to come whether the locals like it or not. Never mind leaving it to the last minute open the car parks and toilets now not when the problem of parking in residential streets has happened. I am a local and i must admit i usually welcome september but i do think that the locals are being ridiculous in their attitude.
yorkshireboy, on 23rd May 2020 12:52pm
Please tell me why Filey Country Park is closed.

The overnight stay comment does not wash.

One police vehicle at 8.00pm is all that's needed to remove any campers.

This is the council making visitors 100% unwelcome.

There will be plenty of regrets when tourists don't come back.

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