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Scarborough Tops North Yorkshire COVID Fines

Scarborough Tops North Yorkshire COVID Fines

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 20th May 2020. (Updated at 1:33pm 20th May 2020)

Police have issued more fines in Scarborough for breaking social distancing rules than anywhere else in North Yorkshire.

Latest figures show that up till a week ago, 267 fixed penalty notices were handed out in the area out of a total for the county of 926.

As we enter the second week of new Coronavirus rules, the Chief Constable of the North Yorkshire Police has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio.

Lisa Winward said:

"You can only be with one other person who is not part of your household. You can be in a larger group than two people if they're all from your own household.

So when we see groups of people gathering together, we have continued engaging with members of our communities and we will still as a last resort, enforce that legislation.

The guidelines are very clear in terms of not staying overnight, not visiting holiday locations, not going on holiday, not staying overnight at a holiday home or otherwise.

So I think that's reasonably clear for people, but the reasonable excuses for leaving your home address has now been broadened."

Lisa has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke:




There are 6 comments on this page.

TERESA PATTERSON, on 20th May 2020 2:15pm
Its very busy in whitby even parking down by the boat yard
Its so wrong far to soon i think the goverment now want everyone
To get this viurs to let people go as far as they want think of the
Older people while you walking round our lovely town
yorkshireboy, on 20th May 2020 5:43pm
It's most probably busy with parking because car parks have been closed.

And with virtually no trains and bus services severely cut responsible people who just want to come and sit on the beach and mind there own business are treat as unclean.

TERESA PATTERSON, on 20th May 2020 8:41pm
No buses and trains because we still on sort of lockdown only
Key workers to use public transport do you not watch the news
or do you like winding people up car parks shut as whitby and other
Hot spots are not open yet some are staying home safe NHS
and hope the NHS does not get a secound wave and go on secound
Lock down god knows were people are going for the toilet
The travel is for exersise only
zara, on 20th May 2020 10:09pm
of course if the car parks and toilets were open and people were back at work and school there would be no problem. Sooner lockdown completely done with the better. I prefer to get on with life rather than spend more months cowering away like a frightened rabbit.
zara, on 21st May 2020 8:48am
Teresa - sorry to burst your insular bubble but there is nothing special about Whitby or anywhere else in this area, people are ALLOWED to come here, whether they should or not is a matter of opinion but there is no such thing as them being shut.
TERESA PATTERSON, on 21st May 2020 9:15am
Zara yes i know all over the country people are going to these
Places and if lots of people want to not social distance nothing
No one can do about it and as the goverment as not said how
Public toilets and hospitalty is to be open as yet then surley
its best to wait a month or so and just hope death rate is higher
after all these people come to the yorkshire coast my son is
going to lose his job and home because the hotel he works and
Lives in could go bust he will get to know today or tomorrow
and my other son is waiting for the resturant to open but if
to many people in one go comes out no social distance can be
done time will tell if this was a good idea stay safe

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