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Scarborough Borough Parking Suspensions A 'Contingency'

Scarborough Borough Parking Suspensions A 'Contingency'

Published by Karen Liu at 8:57am 20th May 2020. (Updated at 11:36am 20th May 2020)

There are no plans to keep parking bays across Scarborough Borough closed all summer long.

That is according to the Council, who say any parking suspension signs that are in effect until September this year, are just for contingency.

North Yorkshire County Council have put them up along coastal towns and villages.

The signs are causing concern for businesses who say it is impacting on their trade due to people parking in loading bays instead.

Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said:

"If we go according to the plan that the Prime Minister set out, some businesses will be able to open up from June and then more businesses and accommodation in July.

So it just gives the County Council the ability to close quickly, should they choose to need to do so.

But there's no definite plan to stay closed for the whole summer."

Liz said their own car parks that the authority manages are also constantly being looked at:

"At the moment we are saying ' please don't come' and I know people say there are cars in the car parks, but by-in-large, they should be permit holders or key workers.

As businesses start to open up and there's more to come to the town centres for, then we'll review that situation."

Liz has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:




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Diddy dave, on 20th May 2020 9:48am
parking is a laugh in scarborough 2/3 hour disc wants abolishing 99 percnt of people abuse them especialy shop workers who park all day with them wardens turn a blind eye i have watched them walk past disc parkers out of time not do anything people park in resident zones with them as nearer town and they wonder why park and rides dont pay when they can just put a disc in and park wherever they want i know at this moment in time not a lot can be done but walking this morning counted 7 out of date passes and 11 did not have either in car i hope when this virus is over sbc get wardens out and start policing what we pay residents parking for as even before the virus it is not policed properly
wheely, on 20th May 2020 1:02pm
Completely agree with Diddy dave, disc parking abuse in valley rd is rife, some people have two different looking disc cards ( different pictures on) and swop them around and move the car a few feet, some work in the hotels etc in the road and change them to suit, some work at woodend and change the time to suit Wardens just work past normally on the phone!!! For the residents who buy permits, its a smack in the gob for them and also discrimination against residents

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