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'Comfort Pebbles' To Be Sent To Whitby Hospital

'Comfort Pebbles' To Be Sent To Whitby Hospital

Published by Karen Liu at 11:52am 19th May 2020.

'Comfort Pebbles' are being sent to Whitby and Malton Hospitals with messages on them of hope and support to loved ones.

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust has launched the new initiative to help friends or family members send messages to patients during restrictions to visiting due to COVID-19.

Inspired by Love on the Rocks UK, Keech Hospice Care and the Hospice UK teams, Comfort Pebbles is an initiative that provides predominantly COVID-19 patients in hospitals and hospices, with a hand-decorated pebble containing a personal message from their family member or friend. The pebble can be kept with them and held during this challenging time of being separated.

This scheme runs alongside their Care Mail initiative, which delivers personalised postcards to patients and staff in their inpatient and community hospital locations for free via the Trust website. 

Mandy Dawley, Head of Patient and Carer Experience and Engagement, said:

“This is a challenging times for all but it can be particularly difficult for those with relatives in hospital at the moment.

We understand that you would prefer to be there, holding their hands, but we hope this gives you an opportunity to be there in an alternative and creative way.” 

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with local pebble artists, Hull Rocks, for this initiative. The team at Hull Rocks decorated a number of uniquely painted pebbles with and images and personalised message. The pebbles are then varnished for the protecting and cleaning.

Samantha Grey, Voluntary Services Manager, said:

“We want to provide patients with the support and hope they need during these difficult times, and give them something to hold when hand holding isn’t an option. We hope the delivery of a pebble will brighten both the patient and relatives’ day.”

To send a Comfort Pebble to your loved one in Malton Community Hospital or Whitby Hospital, please email with the following details:

  • From (First and Last Name):
  • To (First and Last Name):
  • Location:
  • Your Message:

Once they receive your messages, their team members in Voluntary Services carefully personalise your pebbles, which will then be delivered to Malton and Whitby by voluntary drivers.

comfort pebble stones
comfort pebble stones




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