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'Timing Isn't Right For Visitors' Says Scarborough Business Leader

'Timing Isn't Right For Visitors' Says Scarborough Business Leader

Published by Karen Liu at 12:29pm 18th May 2020. (Updated at 12:49pm 18th May 2020)

The Chairman of Scarborough's South Bay Traders Association says he is pleased there was not an influx of visitors over the weekend.

John Senior has given his thoughts after there were concerns last week that a lot of people would come to the Yorkshire Coast.

It resulted in some seafront roads and car parks being closed by North Yorkshire County Council.

John said:

"As businesses the last thing we want to do is upset anybody and put people off coming to what is a beautiful  part of the United Kingdom.

That said, we are trying to take the responsible approach. We want people to come and spend money but the timing is just not right just yet. 

I'm sorry but we've been locked down for nearly two months and for a mad stampede to suddenly happen, just because the Prime Minister said it's OK to travel to take exercise, doesn't mean driving from London to Scarborough just to have an ice-cream. It's just bonkers.

This weekend is a bank holiday and the resort won't be ready to open at that point.

I know the councils are working hard to get toilets open and get facilities going, but they also have to bear in mind the safety of their own employees as well.

So it's like anything, it's like a graded process to getting our resort open again and functioning; and the sooner the better for all of us, but it has to be done safely and in a controlled and calm manner."

John has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:




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neil bower, on 19th May 2020 5:34pm
Totally agree give it a couple more weeks and let's see what happens it would be a shame for a second spike as they call it to happen because some selfish people thought they could do what they wanted no doubt they would be the first to complain and blame others
TERESA PATTERSON, on 21st May 2020 9:40am
Yes i agree with neil its far to soon we have come out to quick
and i think we will get a second wave far to many people is coming
to the yorkshire coast if its busy please go home come back
another day still think of safty of your family and others
and the NHS who are still working hard through this

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