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Scarborough Seafront Road Closures 'Made A Difference'

Scarborough Seafront Road Closures 'Made A Difference'

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 9:15am 18th May 2020.

The deputy leader of Scarborough Borough Council has thanked the public for “by and large” staying away from the coast over the weekend.

Cllr Liz Colling said that while footfall was up across the borough and there was more traffic on the roads, particularly around Whitby, fears over large crowds descending on the borough had not been realised.

Cllr Colling said:

“I just want to say thank you to the people who stayed home and also to those who did come but stuck to social distancing.

It seems like the coast was quieter compared to inland spots but we certainly didn’t see the crowds that appeared at some places in the county.

So by and large it went very well and I thank everyone for their understanding. We know it must have been hard for people, especially those with family in the borough.”

The deputy leader added that the decision by North Yorkshire County Council to close Scarborough’s seafront roads of Marine Drive and Royal Albert Drive to traffic had made a difference.

She said:

“As there were no cars parked up it gave people more space to move about in so they could keep their distance.”

Cllr Colling said she hoped for more of the same this week with temperatures set to soar on Wednesday.

She added:

“I think the message to people is just to taper it down a bit.

Don’t travel unless you have to.”


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Yorkshire80, on 18th May 2020 11:40am
Well done, the closure of the seafront did work and kept people away....matbe it should be closed permanently while covid19 is around? The bug bear many people have is local people having parties, bbqs etc with 15+ people at their house. On north street over the weekend at least 3 households had mass gatherings with people in the front gardens drinking. If you report it to the police they cant actually do anything if its on private property. Surley this law should be changed?
PJ51, on 18th May 2020 11:52am
Just wondered why when we were told all council car parks were closed and public toilets, the car park at Peasholm opposite the open air theatre box office remains open, and the public toilets were open at the weekend ? We also need some motor homes parked up around the town. Why are these not being turned away before they even get to Scarborough ?
bairn, on 19th May 2020 8:20am
the toilets looked like they were open ...but they actually were no
zara, on 18th May 2020 12:24pm
or maybe it was just that the weather was not very good?
TERESA PATTERSON, on 18th May 2020 9:02pm
I was also led to believe all car parks and toilets was closed as I know in Whitby that is the case and as for motor homes they should not even be on the road we are in a pandemic not out for a jolly that will tempt them to stay over but in my mind that is what they want to do police need to have the power to get them to go home and people should do the right thing and stay local to home for exercise I dread the bank holiday weekend every place will be full
Barra, on 19th May 2020 9:00am
Sorry Teresa but motor homes are allowed to be on the roads, some people just use them as there normal mode of transport. I do agree that they are not allowed to sleep over at the moment, and if they do they should be fined.
Kirki, on 19th May 2020 9:36am
Totally agree. Far more important than checking whether people using common sense are having a chat from there front open plan gardens technically breaking the law.
john pawson, on 19th May 2020 8:38am
I support the Government in there efforts to combat this virus. What I don’t support is ad hoc decisions made by Local Authorities which have no basis in law. Road closures and blocking of on street parking is not lawful under the Road Traffic Regulation Act. If there isn’t a uniformed policy on lockdown easing headed by the Government. These empire builders will keep certain parts of the U.K. isolated regardless. You can’t cherry pick bits of law you like or dislike.
Kirki, on 19th May 2020 9:32am
All approved by Boris in london. They are even finding money to place barriers down the road. I would focus personally on staying at home and taking as much excersice as you can. All Boris and his colleagues have done is either wrong or too late and thrown Corona bombs in my daughters nursing homes killing thousands nationally.
TERESA PATTERSON, on 21st May 2020 9:55am
Kirki i agree with you regarding staying at home
And excersice local not fill up the all the hot spots not just
Yorkshire coast its to soon and regarding your daughters care
home it should not have happend all them deaths i my self work
in a care home we have lost some lovely people who did not
deserve this thats why its important to still stay home as much
as possible and still do safe distance wear face coverings when needed

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