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Yorkshire Coast Resorts Quiet Following Advice Not To Visit

Yorkshire Coast Resorts Quiet Following Advice Not To Visit

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 5:18pm 16th May 2020. (Updated at 5:32pm 16th May 2020)

Potential visitors have heeded the warnings to think twice about visiting the Yorkshire Coast this weekend, with resorts remaining mostly quiet all day.

Despite some morning sunshine, Whitby, Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington were quieter than many had feared with this the scene on South Bay Beach in Scarborough this afternoon:

Quiet South Bay Scarborough

Some local beauty spots were reported to be a little busier than they've been lately, with busy car parks at Danes Dyke and Flamborough Head.

Throughout the week, there have been a stream of appeals from organisations including North Yorkshire County Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire Police & Humberside Police reminding those planning on visiting that the coast was effectively still closed, with visitors unable to use public toilets in most areas.

As a precaution, some local roads have been closed today, including Foreshore Road and Marine Drive in Scarborough along with car parks in Whitby.




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margaret kenningley, on 16th May 2020 6:13pm
Lets hope it stays this way because the more people abide by the rules we will be able to get back to normal
Meerkat7, on 16th May 2020 8:05pm
RSPB at Bempton packed with visitors parking their cars anywhere they could, so much for the coast being closed.
Megabyte36, on 16th May 2020 9:38pm
Bridlington was heaving this afternoon, looked like a normal bank holiday weekend.
EileenG, on 17th May 2020 12:10am
I took my motorhome out to Ravenscar to charge up battery etc. Took dogs on beach. Very few people.
Went home same day. Was wonderful.
Barra, on 17th May 2020 9:06am
It’s good to see the council discouraging people from coming to the coast, not like Richard burton the head of East Riding of Yorkshire council. He is welcoming people, by offering them free parking in his car parks, but then on the other hand saying that they are loosing money by not charging people to park. I suggest that people contact him to ask why he is doing this.
Daisy101, on 17th May 2020 3:39pm
Wonder where the hoards of bikers have been going today then on route to Scarborough??? 🤔
TERESA PATTERSON, on 18th May 2020 7:51am
Whitby the bikers came to to many and no social distance
either dont know if whitby beach was busy did not want to go
This weekend we walked down last sunday and only 10 of us
On the beach we as a town been doing the stay at home which
We need to go back to sorry borris need a few more weeks
or when deaths are a little lower dread bank holiday weekend
zara, on 18th May 2020 8:52am
Meerkat - just for your information the coast is not closed however much some of the locals may want it to be.

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