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Protection From Anti-Social Behaviour In Whitby?

Protection From Anti-Social Behaviour In Whitby?

Published by Karen Liu at 7:02am 17th May 2020.

There could be protection in Whitby from anti-social behaviour.

It is after Scarborough Borough Council carried out a review into Public Space Protection Orders, which already exists in various parts of Scarborough. 

It tackles disruption caused by alcohol, urinating, defecating and psychoactive substances.

Earlier this week, the authority's cabinet members approved a recommendation for a three year extension of the PSPO, and that it is introduced into Whitby.

It held a public consultation back in March which showed a high degree of support for the current restriction to be retained, with an even higher percentage of 97% of extending the PSPO to Whitby.

Richard Bradley, Commercial Director at Scarborough Borough Council, said:

"Signage helps with the legitimacy of the orders and the council is required to publish the wording of the orders on its website.

Additional signage will need to be erected in Whitby which we will locate near existing signs and to utilise existing street furniture."

The decision on the extensions will now go to full council.




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Big G, on 17th May 2020 11:19am
Too late. Yesterday (16/5/20) saw the streets and ally ways turned into public toilets. The animals who came out to “exercise “ in Whitby yesterday have certainly left their marks. Too say the people who urinated and defecated on our streets and ally’s were animals is insulting to animals. They deserve to be locked up with their own mess just like the beasts they are.

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