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Help Wanted Securing Government Cash for Scarborough

Help Wanted Securing Government Cash for Scarborough

Published by Matthew Pells at 6:00am 18th May 2020.

Two separate schemes could bring £35m of funding to Scarborough, but the teams behind the bid need your help.

Long before we had heard of Coronavirus and Lockdown, plans were afoot to try and secure millions of pounds from Government schemes to revitalise areas of Scarborough.

The Government was offering towns the opportunity to bid for a share of £3.6bn to fund projects that would rejuvenate towns to bring economic, social and environmental benefits.

Two separate bids from Scarborough had made it through the first round of the processes and received backing to submit full proposals for a share of the cash. Strategy teams were put in place to work on the bids and work has been continuing on both schemes.

Now as the deadline for submission of the bids approaches, the teams behind them are asking for the public's help and support in coming up with ideas and backing the schemes.

With the global economy suffering the effect of the COVID lockdown the teams behind the bids are stressing the increased importance of ensuring the town secures the money, to help rejuvenate the local economy.

There are two separate pots of cash which the town is bidding to secure.

The Town Deal is a scheme which could see Scarborough awarded £25m for projects across the town from Eastfield to Burniston.

The Future High Street Fund is a scheme which could see the town awarded £10m to in invest in Scarborough's Town Centre.

The two bids are independent of each other, have different remits and importantly are targeting separate pots of Government cash. But, the two teams have been coordinating their efforts to ensure their plans are both complimentary and also consistent in any overlapping objectives.

We will look at the Future High Street Fund, in depth, in an article tomorrow. In this article we hear from David Kerfoot who is leading the Scarborough Town Deal project.

David explains what the Town Deal scheme is and what the £25m could be used for.


The team putting the cash bid together are focusing on six key objectives.


David Kerfoot says that one of the keys to securing money for Scarborough from the Government will be the level of support shown for the scheme by local people. David says that while they have already consulted widely with local groups and organisations, the more input they have from individuals and organisations, the stronger the town's claim for the cash will be.


The Town Deal team are keen to stress that the idea behind the bid is for the cash to be used on a wide range of projects, encompassing business, culture, tourism and the environment. David says they want to hear as broad a range of ideas as possible from local people.


The bid needs to be submitted to the Government by the end of September, David says they will be looking for proposals which are realistic and deliverable but they will also be looking for unique ideas and will want to see a wide range of support for the proposals. The Government are expected to reveal which bids have been successful towards the middle of next year (2021).

David says the timing of the awards has new importance as the economy recovers from the effects of COVID-19

Ideas and suggestions for inclusion in the scheme can be submitted on the Government's MyTown Website, where you can also see some of the ideas already proposed by local people. The website is here

You can also contact the Scarborough Town Deal team by email :

A separate £25m bid is being submitted for Whitby. Gareth Edmunds, External Affairs Director at Sirius Minerals plc has been appointed as the Chair of the Whitby Town Deal Board.

Ideas and suggestions for the Whitby submission can be viewed here

Both applications are being supported by Scarborough Borough Council.

Cllr Steve Siddons, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council explained:

"Getting these two bids right is a chance for people and businesses from Whitby and Scarborough to play a major part in shaping their town for the future.

If our bids for these two government investment pots are successful, it would mean an exciting future for our towns with regeneration and community building at the heart of it. By all working together and pooling ideas, our chances of success can only improve."







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zara, on 18th May 2020 8:50am
Anything being done for Filey?
Karl Doab, on 18th May 2020 9:15am
Actually if you checked with Town Councillors Filey is getting a plan. The Government only said Scarborough and Whitby so blame them if you want.

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