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Reports Of Overnight Stays In Campervans On Yorkshire Coast

Reports Of Overnight Stays In Campervans On Yorkshire Coast

Published by Karen Liu at 8:58am 15th May 2020.

North Yorkshire Police has responded to reports of people using campervans to stay overnight on the Yorkshire Coast.

People on social media have been saying there were at least four yesterday on Scarborough's North Bay. 

North Yorkshire Police said:

"Using a campervan for day trips is not a breach of the regulations, however, if you decide to stay overnight in a campervan or a tent, you would be in contravention of the regulations. 

In a small minority of cases there may be exceptions where a person may have a reasonable excuse, for example a person has no permanent home, or they are a non-UK resident and can’t travel home, or a critical worker in isolation.

Campers should not turn up at local beauty spots and visitor hotspots expecting to camp overnight."




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Shug, on 16th May 2020 7:50am
Also some at Cayton bay.
Margaret Jephcott, on 16th May 2020 9:11am
Saw a campervan /RV parked last Thursday at Westcliff, the crescent, Whitby.
Jinsta, on 16th May 2020 3:01pm
So a non-UK resident can simply travel around the country potentially spreading the virus? Hmmm.... 🤔
TERESA PATTERSON, on 18th May 2020 8:45am
If we are all seeing moter homes in all costal areas hot spot then i think
Borris johnson needs to take action and stop them been
On the roads as to many of them will cause trafic jams
as well as temptation to stay over night all do the right thing
Stay at home if you can not stay local to home
Caz Mags, on 20th May 2020 12:04pm
I think people are also using caravans on the site at Barmstom Beach
There is a caravan parked across the road at the end to the car park and a van parked across the site entrance.
There were about six cars parked on the grass verge outside the park but people were out on their decking sunbathing around 4pm yesterday.
It’s seems unfair to other sites if people are actually staying and unfair to local people.Purely an observation but seemed to me they must be staying
TERESA PATTERSON, on 21st May 2020 10:27am
Could be travel people but the police should still be checking
This out but your right its not fair on other sites and other people

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