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Scarborough's Seafront Roads to Close to Traffic

Scarborough's Seafront Roads to Close to Traffic

Published by Jon Burke at 12:31pm 14th May 2020. (Updated at 7:19am 16th May 2020)

People planning a trip to the coast or other visitor hot spots on the Yorkshire coast this weekend could find they can’t wash their hands, stick to the social distancing guidance, or even park their car.

The warning follows concerns that large numbers of people will head to the areas beauty spots, following the Government’s relaxation of the rules on travel and exercise. There are particular fears that places like Whitby and Scarborough could see an influx of visitors, so action is being taken to try and support people to stay at least 2 metres apart.

North Yorkshire County Council’s executive member for Access, Cllr Don Mackenzie, said:

“We appreciate that many people will want to make the most of the fact that they can now travel to take their exercise and stay outdoors for longer. However, too many people have made too many sacrifices for us to lose sight of the risks with this virus.  

So we are asking people to plan ahead. To consider the fact that many places offer very limited handwashing and toilet facilities and where they are open there will almost certainly be queues. Paths and pavements may well be really busy, making staying at least 2 metres apart almost impossible.

On top of that we have taken the decision to temporarily close our large on-street parking facilities in Whitby. We will also close Marine Drive and Royal Albert Drive in Scarborough, to restrict parking and to provide more space for pedestrians to apply the social distancing guidelines.

Throughout the weekend we will monitor the number of pedestrians and we may have to close more roads to protect the public as best we can.”

In Scarborough, the Foreshore and Marine Drive/Royal Albert Drive will be closed 8am on Saturday 16th May to 6pm on Sunday 17th May.

In Whitby, the pay and display bays on West Cliff will be closed 8am Saturday 16th May to 6pm on Sunday 17th May. 

Chief executive of North Yorkshire County Council, Richard Flinton, said:

“Please adhere to any ‘no parking’ and ‘road closed’ signs you come across and ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Why not do the right thing and protect yourself and your family by staying close to home? Everything will still be here when it’s safe to welcome you back and we are really grateful for your patience and support.”

North Yorkshire’s Directors of Public Health, Dr Lincoln Sargeant, said:

“The best protection for you and your family is to keep away from crowds and busy places, to wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water and to stay at least 2 metres away from anyone not in your household. Every single person has their own part to play in this.

We have come a long way and seen incredible sacrifice in North Yorkshire. Many front line staff are still risking their own lives every day to care for people with Covid-19. Please don’t let their selflessness and commitment be for nothing.

Let’s carry on fighting this virus in the same way we have been. By sticking to the basic guidance that we know works.”

In Scarborough and Whitby and other coastal resorts, the borough council’s car parks and toilets remain closed. Across the county the vast majority of shops and cafes are also closed. Anyone heading to the countryside or coast is advised to think carefully about the risks and to exercise in open spaces away from the most popular places. No parking signage will be in place at the above places from tomorrow and through the weekend."




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yorkshireboy, on 14th May 2020 1:39pm
I love the statement car parks and cafes are shut.

Come to Filey.

Three chippys reopened, restaurants doing takeaway, pubs doing food takeaways, pub at Primrose Valley with a new shed built to do takeaway food.

Car parking with the exception of West Ave and Country Park open.

Let me ask one question.

The government say people can come.

Residents and councillors say don't come.

So just when are people going to change there minds.

The reports are there will not be a vaccine until next year and does anybody tbink this virus will be gone before then.

So do the councils think everybody should not come until next year.
ConcernedCitizen, on 14th May 2020 3:20pm
I hope people remember how welcoming these places made law abiding citizen feel when they are considering their next Staycation.
Caytonbay, on 14th May 2020 5:37pm
What about the people who live in Scarborough, we couldn't park this morning because SBC decided to physically prevent people from accessing the car park at the Sea Life Centre. Yes people should stay away, but the law says you can come. It would be nice if the locals could park. Only to be expected, the people of Scarborough do not matter to this council.
Zooks, on 14th May 2020 8:36pm
That car park has been cordoned off/closed for the past 7 weeks. Nothing new there.
Dan Reilly, on 14th May 2020 7:16pm
As a law abiding "out of towner" who has spent many days, weekends / weeks / even months at a time along the Yorkshire coast I am getting mixed messages from the local officials about visiting this coming weekend, owd Boris says I wouldn't be breaking any laws by driving from my hometown of Huddersfield to one of the lovely little spots along the Yorkshire coast, yet I'm basically being told to stay away from both officials and folk I know who live there,

Now I'm sorry but I've been cooked up lookin at my 4 walls for the past 7 weeks (very nice they are too mind and although I've been working still unable to go anywhere) 😁, and i wouldn't be breaking any rules whatsoever if I were to frequent any said area in your juristiction, yes I get that nowhere will be open, I have sanitiser, simply want to take a stroll along one of the wonderful beaches with the dogs, I will however be socially distant and sanitizer when required (I have some 😱) and be aware of any dangers, but most of all I'll use common bloody sense, I don't care for any amenities as I'll bring own food/drink etc therefore not even calling into any supermarket or food establishment, spreading my non existent germs to any "local" spending my money into your local economy,

This virus ain't goin away anytime soon nor is a vaccine so what should I do stay away for a cpl of years 🤔🤔🤔 hmmm I think not, I'll just be aware and use like I say common sense, there's going to be many businesses which will struggle to come back from this so people like me are gonna be the lifeblood of their success by coming into a town spending my hard earned cash in various local establishments and the powers that be must realise this before they go spouting stay away as there's lots of other beautiful places around the country and people will just move on to pastures new,

Anyway rant over and I may see one or two of you over the weekend at some point as I WILL NOT be committing a crime fgs,

I'm sorry if I offend anyone by doing "nothing wrong"

I'm not a chavy scroat with total disregard for the law I'm simply a middle aged married man with a cpl o dogs who wants to go for a day out after being stuck at home (bar working) for 7 weeks 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
CAZZYB, on 15th May 2020 7:44pm
Dan Reilly

So can I ask what is the matter with you taking the dogs to Holmfirth, nice enough area to walk the dogs and closer to your home.
Also after driving from Huddersfield to Scarborough, may you need the toilet??? If so they are all closed!!! You may not be committing a crime by travelling to Scarborough but you could be if you decide to relieve yourself in public, or are you going to bring a port-a potti along with your food/drink.
I would imagine that all facilities will be open in another 4/5 wks so why not wait til then when you would be most welcome. Everybody just wants to do things to soon and when we end up with a second outbreak of the virus they will be complaining even more including yourself.

zara, on 14th May 2020 7:46pm
I have seen a lot of comments on the facebook page which are blaming the tourists for all the evils that happen around here. Feeding the seagulls, dumping their rubbish etc. What about winter, it still happens and no tourists. Could it be that there are sections of every society that are not very nice or considerate? I live in the countryside and since this virus happened i have noticed on my walks a large increase in rubbish dumped, people riding bicycles through private fields, wandering all through the crops. Not tourists but locals who have never used the walks before - and i am not complaining about them using it i am just saying that some of them behave irresponsibly. I also wonder how many people living in this area will travel out into the countryside or even say to York or Hull??
TERESA PATTERSON, on 14th May 2020 9:48pm
Yorkshire boy do you live in filey we just want to be safe as to many deaths
And small towns does not want a lots of people coming as yet nothing would give me pleasure to get hospitality up again my sons work in hospitality in Yorkshire but it's to soon to let a load of people pile in if borris Johnson says you can does not mean go out you still have to stay safe we don't want another second peak yes it's with us for years to come and we will have to live with safe distance but when we have less deaths and when we are ready to welcome all tourists I live in a flat and am making the most of it trying to keep safe take care and we all come through this
Ken, on 14th May 2020 11:01pm
I am now in week 7 or 8 of my shielding, therefore I can not go out for a walk. I do treat myself to a drive 2 or 3 times a week and generally this entails going from the south shore side to to north shore. My car permit is C3 so I'm going home. It's a small loop of Scarbados and now you want to stop that. Local folk should still be able to have a right over visitors. Feel free to put barriers up policed b traffic wardens and let those with a Scarborough resident parking sticker on their windscreen through. As an old soldier trained in NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare) I know more than most about this CV. Use common sense for locals.
FIONA CLEWLOW, on 15th May 2020 9:02am
As a Whitby resident with no private parking, will someone please tell me what this means?
"We have taken the decision to temporarily close our large on-street parking facilities in Whitby. "
Bev Allan, on 16th May 2020 6:25am
I have friends in Scarborough but will not be travelling over. I fail to see why anyone would travel any distance at present. Everything is closed. There are no toilet facilities for visitors and travel in itself could cause an accident or breakdown which could impact on the NHS or breakdown services.
I am unsure why people feel they have a sense of entitlement to visit. Personally I think the gov have made a huge mistake as infection rates are still going up. We should be limited to within county’s only to prevent spread. And I love North Yorkshire but will wait to come back much as I miss my friends and the beautiful coastline. Coastal towns attract retirees and they need protection at this time.
I’ve also worked through the pandemic but will access beauty spots in my area to get out not travel to one for the reasons above much as I’d love to see the coast it will still be there when things have calmed down. I would sooner stay away and make sure my friends over there are not put at risk.
hondacop, on 16th May 2020 2:04pm
All these people moaning about there right to travel where they want and authorities telling them not to obviously have not lost a loved one to the virus.
They have not had to see an elderly parent confined to a rest home and not be able to hug them since the lockdown.
They have not had to try to explain to a confused frightened parent why they are not coming to see them and then to be told they have contracted this EVIL virus and not to be able to be with them in their last moments to comfort them and say their last goodbyes then not being able to give them the funeral they want to pay respect to their loved ones.
They also possibly don’t have a partner who is in the eighth week of a 12 week lockdown because they are deemed at risk from the virus
Yes there are hundreds of thousands of family members who have suffered as I have and it’s to hopefully prevent further hundreds of thousands of people from have to go through this agony that we should exercise some restraint and not be selfish and really get on top of this before we complain about a little bit of inconvenience.
We own a static caravan on the Yorkshire coast and pay nearly £3000 in fees to which we most likely will not be able to use this year but this is a small price to pay to safeguard our friends and the residents from this evil virus until it is safe to do so
merlin66, on 16th May 2020 2:07pm
I cannot believe some of the selfish comments posted here. Many, many people have put their own well being at risk to help us All. Many more have already lost loved ones livelihoods and all they hold dear in life. All you can do is bleat about your selfish, petty wants. SHAME ON YOU....!!!
Barra, on 16th May 2020 7:22pm
JUST STAY AT HOME, and let’s get this sorted as soon as possible. We all want to get on with our lives, JUST STAY AT OR NEAR HOME.
Thanks from all the Yorkshire coast residents

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