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'Stay Home As Much As Possible' Says East Riding Leader

'Stay Home As Much As Possible' Says East Riding Leader

Published by Karen Liu at 6:33am 14th May 2020.

"Stay at home as much as possible" is the message from the Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Richard Burton has been speaking after yesterday's relaxation in rules, which means people can travel anywhere in England.

That has caused concern from many all over the Yorkshire Coast who say they are unhappy about the risks an influx of visitors might pose.

Richard said:

"People need to know that fundamentally the coast isn't what it was at the moment.

We are in a position of businesses are locked down, the shops are closed, restaurants are closed, caravan parks and all the attractions are all closed and even the toilets are closed.

So really from a business perspective and enjoying the coast, it's closed.

My message to tourists would be look, we really value tourists and there will be a time when we're going to be wanting you to come back because we'll be desperate for you to come back.

But for now, the coastal communities have always supported tourists but at this time, we really want tourists to support us and really stay at home and exercise near to home.

That's the message from us."

Listen to what Richard had to say here:





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Barra, on 16th May 2020 2:48pm
Can you please ask Richard burton why he is keeping all the car parks open and not charging for the privilege, why Scarborough and Whitby are closing all there car parks and some roads, to discourage people for coming to the Yorkshire coast, it just Dosent add up. It’s the same sort of message that is coming from the government.

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