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Plans To Try And Stop Influx Of Visitors To Yorkshire Coast

Plans To Try And Stop Influx Of Visitors To Yorkshire Coast

Published by Karen Liu at 11:35am 13th May 2020.

Plans are being worked on to try and stop the possibility of an influx of visitors to the Yorkshire Coast.

A meeting was held yesterday between various authorities to figure out the areas and topics of concern.

Residents, businesses and local organisations are worried that many people will come to towns, villages and beaches despite nothing being open.

Richard Flinton, Chief Executive of North Yorkshire County Council, said:

"We feel that the risk in terms of people gathering is at the weekend when the weather's meant to be improving.

So we're looking at issues such as Foreshore Road in Scarborough, Church Street in Whitby, what signing arrangements we need to put in place and also forewarning visitors wanting to come that do not come to busy places and frankly, the facilities will not be there to support them if they're expecting to be away for the day.

We will have highways staff out there and if we believe that places are getting too busy, then we will be able to close roads.

In terms of people congregating together, the regulations are quite difficult to enforce and what they do is they place the responsibility on people themselves.

So you've got to make sure you can socially distance and just have your wits about you and do not go to these busy places."

Richard has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:




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Kirki, on 14th May 2020 8:14am
Well done Richard. I do disagree with the goverment on this aspect as most doctors agree travel is the cause of the virous and this should be minimised. Yes they have made it clear that the travel should be for use of outdoor spaces not crowding our small towns and beaches. How many beaches are accessible without parking in or near towns and villages. Also these people will try to use the few local shops we are using increasing the risk of virous spread.

I have 40 years police and highways undertaking risks assessments and safe system of work and this goverment has not shown common sense never mind stability to risk assess as we are now seeing.

I am now retired Richard unfortunatly shielded but if I can help you from home I am hear.

With respect.


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