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"Stay Home" Say Scarborough Borough Councillors

"Stay Home" Say Scarborough Borough Councillors

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 9:33am 13th May 2020. (Updated at 9:46am 13th May 2020)

As the restrictions on travel during the Covid-19 lockdown are lifted today the message from Scarborough remains the same, “stay home”.

Councillors in the borough have spoken of their worry that people could flock to Whitby, Scarborough, Filey and the surrounding villages now that people can go as far as they like to exercise.

Scarborough Council deputy leader Cllr Liz Colling has reiterated her comments from earlier in the week and urged anyone thinking of travelling into the borough to think twice.

She said:

“I think a lot of what the message focuses on is what amenities have we got for people?

We’ve got no pubs, there are no cafes, very limited takeaways and no public toilets and we have no plans to open the toilets and we can’t do so until we can ensure they are safe.

We have diverted a lot of manpower elsewhere which is why we have been able to keep the refuse collections going and we don’t want to take people away from places where they are needed.

My feeling is that if you have driven so far that you need the loo then you have gone too far.

For anyone who does decide to come, I would say be prepared for it to be not as you remember it.”

She was joined in the message of caution by Conservative group leader Cllr Derek Bastiman.

Cllr Bastiman said that the borough would always extend a warm welcome but people should wait before coming to sample the hospitality.

He said:

“People need to take responsibility for their own actions and observe social distancing. So far as we are concerned, the whole of the Borough is still closed to visitors.

However, when lockdown is totally relaxed we, as ever, will give all visitors a truly warm welcome. Until then we do urge people to stay away.

Because the Prime Minister says you can travel it doesn’t mean you have to.”


There are 3 comments on this page.

yorkshireboy, on 13th May 2020 10:00am
I think Kevin, our Filey MP needs to look all around him.

Everywhere is saying don't come, we are shut.

He is saying please come, and more shops should be open.
The Orical, on 13th May 2020 10:25am
Isn't it about time that our elected
Councillors grabbed the bull by the
Horns and close the beaches on
Public health and safety ground's.
If there was a chemical spill, invasion
Of jellyfish or danger lurking in the
Water they would. The danger is
In the air. Be decisive and pin your
Colours to the mast and save lives!
Ian Burchill, on 13th May 2020 3:18pm
Hi could you please explain why the government is
Say that they are going to look after every family
In England ie homeless and those who who are on
Benifits and never paid a penny in taxes. I have always
Worked recently at mccain foods 15 years till 2019.
The past year I have worked with an agency gi group
And not entitled to any payment through the furlough
Scheme. When I have paid the full tax contribution.

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