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"Bridlington Is Closed" Says Mayor

"Bridlington Is Closed" Says Mayor

Published by Karen Liu at 7:31am 13th May 2020. (Updated at 7:23am 16th May 2020)

The Mayor of Bridlington has delivered a clear message on how we wants the lockdown to progress.

From today we can travel wherever we want in England as long as we observe social distancing.

Those were the new arrangements announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week.

But Liam Dealtry said:

"When it comes to people visiting Bridlington, Bempton, Buckton, Boynton, Driffield, Flamborough, anywhere like that, we are closed.

We love holidaymakers, we love tourists, but whilst this COVID-19 situation is on, we are closed.

There are no shops open, there are no toilets open, there are no amusement arcades open, there are no leisure centres open, we are closed.

We have a lovely beach - we don't want you on it.

We need to protect our town. I need to protect my residents, my friends, the people I love.

Stay away from Bridlington, Flamborough and all the villages in-between."

Hear Liam here:

Meanwhile Bridlington's Leisure Association is also asking people to stay away from the area.

It is asking people to stay away too, and allow businesses to prepare to re-open when the time comes.

Charlie Kilburn, who is a member of the Association, said:

"The Bridlington Leisure Association is asking that people respectfully stay away and allow the Bridlington community and businesses to prepare to open again, so that we can bounce back bigger and better.

Businesses have worked so hard in the last seven weeks supporting the community. 

We can't jeopardise the last seven weeks and we need to re-open safely, we need to get social distancing and safety policies in place so that we can stay safe, and that we don't see a cluster of this virus in this town. 

We don't want that to happen on the Yorkshire Coast."

Charlie has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:




There are 3 comments on this page.

The Orical, on 13th May 2020 8:47am
As visitors coming in to the area's beaches
Poses a threat to health and safety why not
Shut beaches on health and safety ground's
For all until pandemic relaxes. Other countries
Around the world have done it at do during
Shark attacks, jelly fish and chemical splills.
Local councils be creative rather than just vocal.
Barra, on 14th May 2020 7:40am
I have contacted Richard burton the leader of East Riding of Yorkshire council to ask him why all the car parks are open. He said they were leaving them open, (and are free to park) this I feel is encouraging people to come to Bridlington, why Dosent he do what Scarborough are doing and close them. I would like Liam to contact Mr Burton and ask him again to close the car parks.
Kirki, on 14th May 2020 8:46am
Well done. Cut travel leave roads empty for pedestrians to socially distance. Also stick together if we cant socially distance close roads as Richard Flinton NYCC is prising he is a good man.



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