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'Scarborough Not Open For Business' Says Association

'Scarborough Not Open For Business' Says Association

Published by Karen Liu at 12:57pm 12th May 2020.

Visitors to the Yorkshire Coast are being asked to have a think before they consider a trip here.

The request comes from the Chairman of the South Bay Traders Association in Scarborough.

John Senior says people need to take care before making a decision, especially with another bank holiday later this month.

He said:

"Just right now, I think people need to take a bit of care when they're making that decision; 'what am I going to today? Bank holiday is coming very soon.'

We're not saying don't get in your car and go somewhere to just enjoy a bit of sunshine, freedom and countryside. But please just give that some thought. We've just got to be careful.

There will be a time when Scarborough is going to be open again, as all of our resorts, and that's only just around the corner.  

Scarborough is not open for business as a resort. 

The toilets remain closed, many of the car parks remain closed, our hotels are going to stay closed for a considerable period of time, so are our restaurants and cafés.

The one of two businesses that do operate down the seafront look after locals and the business community.

So we're just not ready for tourists. We're not ready for business." 

John has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:




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zara, on 12th May 2020 2:56pm
so go out into the countryside but not your precious town. Personally i visit Scarborough as little as possible as its not very nice or friendly - and i live near in the borough.

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