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Overnight Stays Not Allowed In Scarborough Borough

Overnight Stays Not Allowed In Scarborough Borough

Published by Karen Liu at 12:26pm 12th May 2020. (Updated at 1:59pm 12th May 2020)

Scarborough Borough Council is reminding visitors that overnight stays are still not allowed.

It is concerned that people will now flock to the Yorkshire Coast following the updated government guidance announced by Boris Johnson that from tomorrow, we can travel anywhere we want in England, as long as we observe social distancing.

The authority says it is worried about the currently closed public toilets and the narrowness of public footpaths.

Deputy Leader, Liz Colling, said:

"The announcement is you can travel unlimited distance for your exercise, but you cannot do overnight trips.

So I think he talked about day trips and that's what he means.

So no caravans, no overnight camping anywhere, no holiday cottages and no hotels.

So everything else is still closed. There are no overnight stays.

If you can please stay local. If you get here, our shops aren't open, our pubs aren't open, the cafes by in large aren't open.

Just because the Prime Minister says you could, that does not mean you should.

So please, if you are able, stay local. If you must come to the coast, please respect our local communities, please socially distant and take your rubbish away with you."

Liz has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:



There are 4 comments on this page.

yorkshireboy, on 12th May 2020 5:09pm
Come to Filey.
Kevin Hollinrake wants everybody to come.

3 of our chippys are open and there are plenty of cafes serving takeaways as are most restaurants.

TERESA PATTERSON, on 13th May 2020 7:33am
I feel sorry for residents of filey if load of people turn up
as if its full were do locals do there exersise or shop and get fish and chips
If its full of people this is not right at this time i understand if people
dont have the coast on there door step time will tell if more are admitted to hospital think it should have been another 2 months before this was allowed to happen
Barra, on 13th May 2020 9:00am
Do you want everyone to come to Filey YORKSHIRE BOY ?
If you do live in Filey, I bet your the only person that wants everyone to flock there.
1736rob, on 13th May 2020 10:20am
Very irresponsible and childish attitude by Yorkshire boy. Guessing it’s selfishness overruling concern for people’s lives. Q.. do you own a business that will profit from an influx of visitors to Filey by any chance Yorkshire boy? Just stop a moment and think of the very real dangers in terms of the consequences that will be the outcome of such actions! Our hospitals our frontline health workers are already working selflessly in a very dangerous Environment!did you ever think of any of the consequences before you opened your mouth? I bet you didn’t. I know it’s tough during, these unprecedented times and everyone is affected in some way but guidelines are to be followed SENSIBLY and l don’t believe You are understanding that. If l am wrong then please enlighten us all. 🤔

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