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Tablets For St. Cecilia's Care Home And Scarborough Hospital

Tablets For St. Cecilia's Care Home And Scarborough Hospital

Published by Karen Liu at 8:05am 12th May 2020.

A care home provider on the Yorkshire Coast and Scarborough Hospital have been given 'personal computer tablets' to help families stay in touch with their loved ones.

It has been arranged by a new COVID-19 Response Group formed by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

The devices are being provided by Freemasons of Yorkshire North and East Ridings, who have received 50 tablets, and these are in the process of being donated to local care establishments. Amongst those receiving tablets locally are St Cecilia’s Care Homes and the Premature baby unit at Scarborough Hospital where dads are unable to visit to see their partners or their new-born.

During the current crisis, NHS hospitals have been forced to limit visits to patients in an attempt to control infections. Some of those suffering from the virus can be in intensive care for two to three weeks or more, with one-to-one visits only being allowed for terminally ill patients. 

This has led hospitals to try to find a way to help patients communicate with their families during this difficult time. 

Dr David Staples, CEO of the United Grand Lodge of England, said:

“At this time of national crisis we will work together – within our local communities – to provide charity and support to those in need, as we have done for the last 300 years. To ensure what we do is both effective and targeted, we have – for the first time in our history – coordinated our activity on a national level though the newly formed Covid-19 Response Group. 

“Our 200,000 members have united to make a significant difference to the lives of people in these very stressful circumstances.”

All the donated devices will continue to be used by the hospitals and care homes after the Coronavirus crisis is over. 




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zara, on 12th May 2020 8:14am
What a stupid photo! NO gloves on passing the item over but lets pose staying apart!

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