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Six Fines Issued For 'Unnecessary Travel' To Whitby

Six Fines Issued For 'Unnecessary Travel' To Whitby

Published by Karen Liu at 6:43am 12th May 2020.

Whitby Police say they have issued six fines to people who visited the town unnecessarily over the past few days.

Its Neighbourhood Policing team say they have continued to engage and explain the risks of unreasonable travel to those coming to Whitby.

On Sunday (10th May), despite the change in weather, one ticket was issued to a male in Goathland who had decided to come camping with his family.

Later in the day, two tickets were issued in Robin Hood's Bay to a couple who had travelled from Leeds to look at the sea.

Yesterday (Monday 11th May), three tickets were been issued in Whitby to a family who have travelled from Hull to stay in their second home.

Officers have thanked those who continue to stay at home and keeping the town safe.




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martin whittle, on 12th May 2020 7:48am
I applaud the Police for their continued efforts to keep our communities safe but sadly this Govt are hindering them as of 00.01 on 08/05/20 there was no lockdown order in place meaning police had no power to turn back or fine anyone for unnecessary journeys until it was renewed, the new guidelines are now going to make policing extremely difficult maybe a travel limit of say 25 miles from home address would have been more sensible as that would have been easily checked with pnc .
dobo54, on 12th May 2020 11:28am
Here here the government have made a huge mistake letting people do what they want , 25 miles would be ample just to see a different part of your area.
Lucylastik, on 12th May 2020 11:51am
WHY would you want to risk infection just to see "a different part of your area"?

This isn't just to protect you, or to stop you infecting others, it's to STOP THE VIRUS in its tracks! The longer idiots keep spreading the virus, the longer it's going to live and breed and cause more upheaval for the rest of the country who ARE doing the sensible thing and staying AT HOME.
martin whittle, on 12th May 2020 1:12pm
Yes Lucy in an ideal world everyone would act in a sensible manner unfortunately there are idiots who haven't the brains they were born with who just don't care and we need rules to stop them, allowing unrestricted travel for exercise is foolish to say the least and hampers our Police.
TERESA PATTERSON, on 13th May 2020 3:14pm
Travel should be in the area you live in and only travel when we have shops cafe open it's far to soon and as we have idiots coming to the coast for stupid things the police will find it even more difficult and just because the government have given the green light to drive any place you want please please just think what you are doing this virus is still every were so it's not safe along the coast as it is in towns and you don't want to take the virus back with you let's all stay at home safe the NHS unless you need to go to work and can be safe

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