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Money From COVID-19 Fines To Offset North Yorkshire Costs

Money From COVID-19 Fines To Offset North Yorkshire Costs

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 12th May 2020.

The money collected from COVID-19 fines issued in North Yorkshire will be used to offset some of the costs of dealing with the crisis.

North Yorkshire Police have issued over 500 fixed penalty notices for breaches of the Coronavirus lockdown rules.

That money ends up with the County Council.

Richard Flinton, Chief Executive of the authority, said:

"We are estimating an impact to the county council's budget in the region of £65 million and that's made up of the actual cost of being able to combat the crisis, but also issues around lost income that would be coming into the council in the future as well.

In terms of fines, what they'll be used for is to go into general funds to try and make a small contribution to offsetting the huge cost the council has incurred in fighting the Coronavirus."




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zara, on 12th May 2020 8:09am
All those unnecessary yellow signs put up last week saying not to come here, totally useless then and even more so now. Maybe the council should be offering to pay for them from their allowances.
Dave 21, on 13th May 2020 6:05pm
I'm with "zara" the money and other recourses employed to do that could be better used to find ways to get Scarbrough back on the map by finding ways to operate in a safe and responsible manner This does not mean a free for all but to slowly get traders in a safe and controlled manner making money again rather than just shelling out. Not all of the town residents have the security of a council salary and pension. So I ask you, all the councillors and business groups, pull your heads out of the sand and get thinking forwards and make Scarbrough the successful town you were elected to make.

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