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'Whitby and Scarborough Not Accepting Visitors' Says MP

'Whitby and Scarborough Not Accepting Visitors' Says MP

Published by Karen Liu with contributions by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 9:35am 11th May 2020. (Updated at 12:14pm 11th May 2020)

Scarborough and Whitby’s MP has said he has been contacted by concerned residents who are worried that the area is set to get an influx of visitors.

Robert Goodwill said that following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement last night that people can now travel to other places to exercise, more clarity is needed to stop the coast filling up with daytrippers.

In his address on Sunday, the PM said people who could not work from home – including those in the manufacturing and construction industries – should return to the workplace from Wednesday but avoid public transport.

Mr Goodwill said it was the section on travelling for “unlimited” exercise that had worried residents that towns, villages and the North York Moors National Park could soon be busy once again.

He said:

“I have received a number of emails from people concerned about the possibility of people coming here now.

I had someone from Castleton worrying that if someone from Middlesbrough decided to go there for a walk, then they pop into the shop and all of a sudden there is a risk of the virus spreading.

Our infection rate in North Yorkshire is much lower than in our surrounding areas of Teesside and West Yorkshire and people are worried about the spread of the virus.

I think we need clear guidance on what can and can’t be done and we are going to get 50 pages of further explication later today so hopefully that will help.

I think that really the majority of people want to obey the messages but there are a few who don’t.

If people can use common sense then the risk is not increased but if it is used by people who do just want to break the rules then it could be dangerous.”

Mr Goodwill said that anyone planning a trip to Scarborough or Whitby should remember that the town is not open for business.

He added:

“I would remind people that the toilets are closed, the car parks are closed, Whitby and Scarborough are not accepting visitors at this time.

You may think you can come to Whitby and keep two metres apart but if you are walking down Church Street and other people have the same idea then is not going to happen.

We all saw the pictures of Whitby and Scarborough before the lockdown and we don’t want to go back to that. We do not want to be inundated with visitors.”

The MP said that he thought one of the reasons for the confusion was the “limited time ” the Prime Minister had to speak.

Mr Goodwill said:

“He only had a short time and wanted to get across the message of getting manufacturers back to work.

Hopefully today we will get some more clarity when the details come out. Another area I’ve had correspondence about is people asking me why if it is now okay to go and meet someone in a park if you’re two metres apart why can’t they do it in a garden instead. Why does it have to be a park?”

The details of the easing of the restrictions are due to be published at 2pm.

Robert's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..




There are 5 comments on this page.

zara, on 11th May 2020 10:41am
Goodwill caring about what his constituents are worried about - that is a first. Got news for him though, if the details can be interpreted to say that people can visit here then Scarborough and Whitby are NOT closed. Maybe he should be on better terms with BJ and he might have been let in on the details sooner.
whitbycolin, on 12th May 2020 12:17am

Actually I support Mr Goodwill's comments and I would say that his support for town has been more than can be said for some of our own councillors.
Actually it doesn’t matter what is said if people are going to abuse the advice they will, and in fact have been throughout the crisis.
Whitby is/was closed to visitors for what good it has done. My concern now is that easing the restrictions will only encourage those with little common sense to come through for the day. At least the roadwork’s the full length of where I live will prevent visitors parking near to me. I just found it rather frustrating that classed as vulnerable I had to stay indoors whilst visitors could wander around unhindered.
There are many questions to be asked after everything is resolved, such as:
Just what did our Police officers bring to the table? The government issued advice early on about staying at home and yet large numbers of visitors descended on the town. Despite the advice being constantly abused the PM issued more stringent conditions and still visitors came to the town. Where on earth were the Police, they had a duty of care to try and protect our town, the taxpayers who pay their wages has a right to expect the officers to fulfill their legal obligations.
The best they achieved was to turn two motorcyclists back and fine them. Then just recepntly they announced to the public that SIX people were fined for being here when they shouldn’t have been! Whilst it will not happen these high profile cases are nothing short of fraudulantly wasting taxpayers money, they are also responsible for making an absolute mockery of the justice system. I can say with confidence that there were a dam sight more than SIX people in town who shouldn't have been here.
Who was responsible for creating the way the officers went about policing the regulations and what rank do they hold?
Why were only SIX offenders fined in light of the fact that many more offenders blatantly wandered around the town possibly leaving the virus, or infecting someone they came into contact with?
What on earth did said officers do for the rest of their shift, whilst visitors had free unchallenged access to our town?
I find it extremely repulsive that the authority had the gall to even announce they had fined just SIX people, I’d be thoroughly ashamed to admit responsibility for such a feeble and frankly unacceptable statement, I would not call it valuè for money given the funding the authorities receive from the public purse.
Whitbyman, on 11th May 2020 1:58pm
It’s not even an interpretation, it’s clear advice , travel where you want to exercise, so expect the sea sniffers etc to arrive en masse soon
andyh, on 12th May 2020 12:30pm
If Goodwill and Hollinrake care, they should be standing up and saying "No Priminister, people must NOT be allowed to travel to the coast". I challenge them to act now and not just toe the party line. Same goes for all coastline MPs.
TERESA PATTERSON, on 17th May 2020 6:13pm
Well said andyh i know people have been staying in whitby for
Weeks in holiday lets nothing done by the MP police not been
Able to do anything either just selfish of some people

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