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Scarborough and East Riding Councils Views On Lockdown

Scarborough and East Riding Councils Views On Lockdown

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 9th May 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council have shared their views on the Coronavirus lockdown.

It comes ahead of an announcement tomorrow evening by the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson is expected to outline the details of the next steps of the lockdown and whether or not it will be eased.

Richard Burton, Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said:

"When that advice comes we need to be ready to act and to be able to put things in place as quickly as we can.

But we have such a varied sector and obviously the East Riding and particularly Bridlington and the coast, we've got a real reliance on tourism and hospitality. 

It's going to be one of the challenges is how we open that up as soon as we can but also in a safe and careful manner."

Hear what Cllr Burton had to say here:

Meanwhile, Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said:

"Let's just respect the restrictions we have in place for now and work through together a safe way to come out of lockdown.

I think there's a lot of speculation but that doesn't mean that we can go, for instance, walk around the town and have a bit of a mooch and a window shop.

But now is not the time to be lingering, just hold on, see what the Government says and plan accordingly."

Hear Cllr Colling here:




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Diddy dave, on 9th May 2020 9:37am
this is correct still too much lingering shops making rules but it again it is the public that are just not getting it about 2m distance and lingering you should just be going out for essentials not general shopping and lingering in shops
Ranger, on 9th May 2020 10:11pm
Can someone explain why surfers are allowed to use the beach for leisure activities and no one else is supposed to. If 500 people all turned up and stood in the sea,what would you do? Are surfers prescious ! One rule....

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