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VE DAY 75: Eden Camp To Mark Event With Restored Tank

VE DAY 75: Eden Camp To Mark Event With Restored Tank

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 8th May 2020.

Residents on the Yorkshire Coast are marking the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Celebrations are taking place with 'stay-at-home' garden parties and houses decorated with flags and bunting.

Eden Camp, the modern history museum on the A64 in Malton, celebrate VE day every year, and this year they had a big street party planned.

They will be putting on a range of activities on social media and hope to be able to do something with their restored M50 Sherman Tank to mark the event.

Frank Wood, Motor Pool Co-ordinator and the tank's restoration lead, said:

"We want to have it running about on its tracks and basically, we're not going to put the gun on. We're just going to get the bottom half of it working.

We're going to have social media videos of me driving the tank. We're going to have hopefully a singer that'll be live-streamed and we're also going to do a little picnic and quiz on our site."

Frank has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:

To donate to Eden Camp, visit

For information about Eden Camp, visit

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