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Problems at Sherburn Sewage Works

Problems at Sherburn Sewage Works

Published by Jon Burke at 4:59pm 5th May 2020.

Sherburn sewage treatment works is facing crisis, as residents continue to flush wipes down their toilets. 

The message to residents is to ‘Bin it, don’t block it’.

Yorkshire Water has made a plea to local residents, to ensure they are only flushing the three Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper. A build up of sanitary products and wet wipes are causing serious issues, as the filtration system is unable to handle the volume of material. 

Wipes and sanitary products that are flushed down the toilet enter the sewage system like all other waste. When it reaches the wastewater treatment plant it gets stuck in pumps and pipes, causing blockages that can amount up to 50kg per week.  

Head of wastewater process and pumping at Yorkshire Water, Iain Washer, said:

“It is really important that every household understands the golden rule of only flushing the three Ps. In the current climate our frontline key workers are working hard to ensure that everyone has access to clean running water and can dispose of waste. 

Blockages in the sewerage system cause delays and can take limited resources away from other essential tasks. We’re asking the residents to help us help you, by only flushing pee, (toilet) paper or poo.” 

For more information on what to flush, please visit:




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