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Saint Catherine's Donation Station In Scarborough At Full Capacity

Saint Catherine's Donation Station In Scarborough At Full Capacity

Published by Karen Liu at 1:01pm 5th May 2020.

Saint Catherine's says its donation station in Scarborough is at full capacity. 

It was meant to be in the car park from 9am to 4pm today. 

The charity has issued this response:

"Due to an overwhelming response, our donation station and storage area are now full to capacity.

We cannot accept any more donations at this time - thank you to everyone who has dropped off items this morning, we really appreciate your support.

To anyone who was hoping to donate items later today, we are sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can hang onto your items until our shops reopen.

Thank you for your understanding."

Saint Catherine's sign


There are 6 comments on this page.

JohnfromScarborough, on 5th May 2020 3:17pm
No need for the apostrophe in the sign. Or any of the initial capitals apart from the first one. Any more is two separate words.
Anna-mae Thornton, on 5th May 2020 4:28pm
Saint Catherines have done an amazing job today and the support from the local community is delightful to see, yet all you can comment about is grammar from a sign they quickly got together to help advise people. Grow up.
JohnfromScarborough, on 6th May 2020 2:05pm
What does the fact that the notice it might have been put together quickly have to do with it? It does not take any longer to get something correct does is? If so how much longer. Ten seconds? I was just surprised to see this lapse in the normally very professional approach taken by the hospice in everything it does.
Simon Bagley, on 6th May 2020 2:24pm
JohnfromScarborough, you really need to have a word with yourself! St Catherine's is an amazing place, they offer so much to people, which I know because they looked after my Mother last year. They go above and beyond to make peoples remaining time as easy as it can be right up until the end and beyond. To make comments about the grammar on a sign is pathetic, what on earth does it actually matter? Did you stop to think how upset your comments may be to the person who gave their time freely to make the sign, as the majority of people there are volunteers. GET A GRIP you silly man!
Simon Bagley, on 6th May 2020 2:33pm
Also JohnfromScarborough check your second post. You wrote
" It does not take any longer to get something correct does is?" Well clearly you dont take note of your own advice do you? The last word should be it!
I was surprised to see such a school boy error from someone so meticulous!
JohnfromScarborough, on 6th May 2020 4:56pm
Well spotted Simon. I fully agree about the good work ot St Catherine's which I can also vouch for on the basis of personal experience. I apologise if I have caused offence to the volunteers involved with this particular initiative and I look forward to being able to resume making donations of items at my local shop and to meeting the wonderful volunteers who work there again.

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