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Fines For Couple Who Travelled To Whitby To 'Smell The Sea'

Fines For Couple Who Travelled To Whitby To 'Smell The Sea'

Published by Karen Liu at 6:48am 5th May 2020. (Updated at 12:41pm 5th May 2020)

There has been another case of Whitby Police issuing fines to people who have made an unnecessary journey to the town.

Yesterday evening officers handed out two fines to a couple who drove from Boston Spa to Whitby to 'smell the sea'.

The force says that is not a reasonable excuse to travel into the town and the pair were told to return home immediately. 

Whitby Police said:

"We will continue to work hard to protect Whitby and the residents who are working just as hard to keep the town and rural areas safe."

This incident comes after Whitby Police issued fines to two motorcyclists on Sunday who had travelled from Rochdale to the town for fish and chips.

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Meanwhile, police were on the A64 in Rillington and saw a car overtake a tractor on solid white lines, in front of the marked police vehicle.

The driver was reported and officers say both occupants were also reported under the COVID-19 regulations having come for a drive out to the seaside for some fresh air from Leeds.

Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said:

"I go through a real range of emotions when I hear that. I want to laugh because of feeble excuses they give but I get really angry, and I think a lot of us get really angry about this.

How dare they. Do they think they're special? Do they think the message isn't intended for them? 

So I've got a message for those sorts of people. 

You know what? You're not special. You're at risk of spreading Coronavirus. Stay in your own lane, stay local to you and we'll stay local to us; and as Vera Lynn says, we'll meet again."

Liz has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning, where she responds to those incidents, but also about the number of fines North Yorkshire Police have issued across the county.

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Barra, on 5th May 2020 6:56pm
Pathetic, coming from Boston spa to Whitby to smell the sea during this pandemic. It’s a pity that they can only be fined £60 each.
Rosco, on 6th May 2020 9:44pm
To smell the sea!!!What idiots they are!!Do these people know what is going on,it makes me so angry why can't they just stay away!!Well today I got the shock of my life,I was driving to get some shopping drove past the beach and what did I see?Two adults yes adults in the bloody sea having a dip!!!What is going on seriously.If I'd seen the police I would have reported them.We want this virus to stop spreading so STAY IN!!!!

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