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North Yorkshire Community Pharmacies Support Domestic Abuse Victims   

North Yorkshire Community Pharmacies Support Domestic Abuse Victims   

Published by Jon Burke at 3:14pm 4th May 2020.

Responding to the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), many Community Pharmacies in North Yorkshire are signing up to provide a safe space for victims of domestic abuse, as part of the 'UK SAYS NO MORE' campaign, run by the charity Hestia. 
Currently there is a partnership in place with Boots and other Community Pharmacies are getting involved, by making their consultation room available as safe spaces where victims of domestic abuse can contact specialist domestic abuse services for support and advice. 
Victims of domestic abuse will be able to access the consultation rooms in pharmacies, where they will be able to contact specialist domestic abuse services for support and advice. The scheme is in response to the desperate situation facing many victims who are isolating with perpetrators during lockdown, and who may be restricted from reaching out to friends, family, coworkers or support services whilst at home. 
Pharmacist, Samina Khan, said:

“During COVID-19, key workers in pharmacies hold a unique position as a single point of contact for victims of domestic abuse, and we are very pleased to participate in this excellent initiative. We like all my fellow Community Pharmacies are here to serve our communities and protect them, whatever their need."

CEO of Community Pharmacy North Yorkshire, Ian Dean, said:

"Community Pharmacies are well placed to provide this service due to their community location.

Community Pharmacies are at the heart of communities.

The last Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment undertaken every 3 years stated that 97.8% of the population were only 5 minutes from a Community Pharmacy."

Community Pharmacy North Yorkshire represents all 152 NHS Community Pharmacies in the North Yorkshire and York area and deals with all pharmacy matters arising from any health and social care organisation. 
Community Pharmacy North Yorkshire is recognised by the North Yorkshire and Humber NHS England Area Team and is consulted on local matters affecting Pharmacies. 




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