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Weekend Visitors to North Yorkshire Still Ignoring Coronavirus Rules

Weekend Visitors to North Yorkshire Still Ignoring Coronavirus Rules

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 2:51pm 4th May 2020.

This weekend proved to be another busy weekend for police in North Yorkshire, with the force seeing no dip in visitors to the area or the number of fines issued.

61 fines were issued across Saturday and Sunday, with Malham again proving to be a ‘hot-spot’ for out-of-area day-trippers, with 12 of the 61 fines issued being in the vicinity.

Nine of those fines were issued to a group of men, who had travelled to Malham from Halifax, Bradford and Southend-on-Sea, and were preparing to make quite a day of it when officers found them with two lit kettle bowl barbeques, bags of charcoal and plenty of food and drink to keep them going.

Some other visitors to the region this weekend, who left with a fine were:

·       A family from Sheffield who decided to take a trip to the Yorkshire coast, but broke down on the A64

·       A group of off-road bikers from West Yorkshire who came to ride their bikes in Selby

·       Four people from London visiting Dibbles Bridge with no good reason

·       Five people from Leeds who had travelled to Lumby to have their picture taken next to a specific pylon

Officers from the Roads Policing Group were also kept busy responding to collisions across the region, one of which was near to Pateley Bridge and involved a group from Essex, who fortunately suffered only minor injuries.

Speaking about the weekend’s activities Assistant Chief Constable, Mike Walker, said:

“Yet again we’ve seen a number of people ignoring both Government advice and the multiple requests we have made stay away from North Yorkshire.

Sadly there seems to be a minority of people who think that they are immune to the COVID-19 virus and who choose to not only endanger themselves, but also endanger others through their irresponsible behaviour.

By travelling long distances and meeting up with friends you expose yourself and others to the virus, put strain on the emergency services who are working hard to keep as many people as possible safe and put the communities you visit at risk – by potentially bringing the virus into the area with you.

With a bank holiday approaching, we are already preparing for next weekend and rather frustratingly, based on our experience, we expect it to be a very busy weekend. Sadly, there will be no extended break or celebrations for our officers, who will be out in force. We will be  carrying out our patrols and maintaining our commitment to keeping the public as safe as we possibly can and continuing to protect the NHS from the risk of a second wave of this deadly virus.

As ever, my advice would be to stay safe at home, exercise locally and not to make any unnecessary journeys. It’s not a new message, its one we all know – but nevertheless it’s a message that we will be continuing to drive home throughout the week.”


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Barra, on 4th May 2020 4:15pm
Keep giving them the fines, they are just irresponsible morons. They deserve more than a fine of just £60 (£30 if paid quickly)
These people make me sick, they just think of themselves. The more that people stay at home, he quicker it will be over for everyone. I think that all of the people that get issued with a fine, should have to stay under lockdown for a further month than everybody else, when the lockdown is eased.
dobo54, on 5th May 2020 11:17am
A fine is not enough, they should have a months driving ban, then if caught again, £1000 fine.
Whitbyman, on 4th May 2020 9:48pm
That’s the society we have created, one where the most important person is the one in the mirror , not your neighbour or colleague or in most cases even family , they are beyond reach of normal decent human nature.
I’d test the new vaccine on these people by giving them Covid 19 and seeing how long the reflection in the mirror lasts .
Peter croft, on 4th May 2020 9:57pm
Why not put a police camera van/car between pickering and Whitby. If they have automatic number plate recognition it will highlight vehicles that are “ out of area” which could be turned round or automatically fined
Kirki, on 5th May 2020 10:00am
I agree they also use vehicles apparentley for car tax evasion that should be used for holiday let infiltration. There are people claiming nhs are using holiday let's but I have checked their briefings and they are supposed to isolate in local hotels. So I dont see any reason this technique could not be used. It would be far more effective than all the police who must be struggling driving out our local resorts. It .ust be tough for the police the goverment need to make it simple for them they have enough to deal with.
dobo54, on 5th May 2020 11:20am
A N P R not just on the WHITBY road but on all roads leading to the east coast.
Whitbyman, on 5th May 2020 2:34pm
Roadblock at Hopgrove , it would make a huge queue but only those who need to travel get through, the queue won’t matter as there’s one on any normal Saturday there anyway , same on Pickering and Guisborough roads , block at roundabout and send them back , any then found after using alternative routes fined a mandatory £500 .

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