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Cabinet to Vote on £1.2m Package for Eastfield and 5000 New Homes for Scarborough

Cabinet to Vote on £1.2m Package for Eastfield and 5000 New Homes for Scarborough

Published by Matthew Pells at 8:08am 2nd May 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council’s Cabinet will be asked to approve a package of community support for residents in Eastfield when they meet on May 12th as well as giving the green light to plans for 5,000 new homes in the area.

If approved, the community support package would see £1.2 million invested in five areas of work as part of the wider Eastfield regeneration programme.

The package of support includes:

  • £200, 000 worth of improvements to Eastfield High Street and a new Halfway Park for use by local families for recreational use.
  • £150,000 to improve health and wellbeing with a focus on vulnerable members of the community and those who find themselves social excluded.
  • £212,000 to promote employment, voluntary activity and business opportunities in Eastfield and the wider area.  It is hoped match-funding of another £212,000 will boost the investment in this area of work to over £400,000.
  • £150,000 in grants to encourage local community groups and organisations to come up with innovative regeneration ideas.
  • £240,000 to support young people and families to help realise their potential with a  focus on health and wellbeing through pre and post-school clubs, healthy eating, sport and performing arts.

The package of support has been developed jointly by the council and the Eastfield regeneration partnership, PACT, along with a range of partner organisations.

The PACT say they wanted the regeneration effort to focus on people and place and that has helped shape the support package to be considered by cabinet.

The council says more than £3 million has been set aside for investment in Eastfield, with the money coming from the sale of council owned land for housing.

At the meeting on May 12th the Cabinet will also be asked to review the Eastfield and Scarborough South masterplan which was finalised in April.

This includes

  • proposals for 5,000 homes,
  • investment opportunities linked to the expansion of Scarborough Business Park,
  • highway improvements, and
  • moving and expanding the Construction Skills village.

Cllr Liz Colling, Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Member for Inclusive Growth, said:

“We’ve listened very carefully to the residents of Eastfield and have worked with them through the PACT to develop this package of support. It is a fantastic example of a community-led, grass roots regeneration programme.

It will bring numerous benefits, not least in improvements to the local area, a boost to health and wellbeing, and it will open up new job and training opportunities for local residents.

If approved by Cabinet on 12 May, we are ready to go and start to build Eastfield back better.”

Cllr Tony Randerson, Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and ward councillor for Eastfield, said:

“This is a significant milestone in the work to regenerate Eastfield.

We’ve been working closely with the local community for several years to get to this point and I am delighted we now have a proposed first package of support in place.

If approved, this will make a significant difference to people in my ward. The good people of Eastfield truly deserve this long awaited regeneration work."




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zara, on 2nd May 2020 9:40am
5000 MORE homes! Are the council mad or bad? What about spending some money on other areas of the borough? Seems to be only Cllr Randersons ward that ever gets anything. Bet the people who live there are loving the idea of another 5000 houses to add to the surgery waiting lists and school intakes.
Whitbyman, on 2nd May 2020 12:18pm
The biggest joke here is that it’s taken several years of work with the community to get a paltry £1.2m for an area like Eastfield , it’s a great amount of money if you won it on the lottery but for an area the size of Eastfield it’s peanuts , I would guess the meaningless cycle races in recent years have had more investment, as for 5000 homes it’s a non starter , the infrastructure just isn’t there to support this level of building in Scarborough.
rawest, on 2nd May 2020 7:10pm
What about other areas in the borough?
cargodave, on 3rd May 2020 11:19pm
you get what you voted for!

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