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Concern Over Stroke Services Moving From Scarborough

Concern Over Stroke Services Moving From Scarborough

Published by Jon Burke at 6:30am 4th May 2020.

There's concern over services for stroke patients moving away from Scarborough Hospital.

From today, if you have symptoms, you'll be taken to York, Hull, or Middlesbrough.

Up until now, patients could be seen in Scarborough, but were then transferred to York - but that will no longer be the case.

The York Teaching Hospital NHS FoundationTrust says it's a temporary measure, to make patients safer, as there are staffing issues at Scarborough.

Former Director of the now defunct Scarborough NHS Trust, John Wane, says he's unconvicned it's temporary and that it puts people at risk, because of the crucial time it will take to make the journey.

John has spoken to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..

A spokesperson for York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said:

“The major clinical intervention for stroke care is the receipt of treatment at a hyper-acute stroke unit, and this is what has the most impact on a person’s recovery from stroke.  Scarborough doesn’t have an acute stroke unit or hyper acute stroke unit.  The vast majority of stroke patients are transferred directly from Scarborough A&E to the hyper-acute stroke unit at York Hospital, and have been since the pathway was changed in 2015.

Medical staffing difficulties mean patients suffering a stroke will now bypass that step and go directly to their nearest emergency department in a hospital with a hyper-acute stroke unit (York, Hull, or Middlesbrough).  This is temporary change to enable us to ensure the safest care for patients and to allow The Humber, Coast and Vale Stroke Network to consider how the service could be delivered in the longer term and what a permanent solution may be for the future.

Follow up clinics for patients who have been discharged from their in-patient care (typically at about six weeks post discharge) and clinics for patients who have been diagnosed with a TIA rather than a stroke (usually requiring an appointment within 24 hours) will continue to be covered locally at Scarborough Hospital. 

The focus for stroke care at Scarborough Hospital will be on delivering high quality rehabilitation in a designated Stroke Rehabilitation Ward with local medical cover and appropriate therapy services both in the hospital and the community.”




There are 4 comments on this page.

Princesskaty78, on 4th May 2020 8:02am
Another reason to abandon this dy
sfunctional town that time forgot, such a shame
zara, on 4th May 2020 8:36am
of course its not temporary, who do they think they are kidding. Okay over to you Mr Hollinrake and Mr Goodwill!!
JohnfromScarborough, on 4th May 2020 10:00am
If someone is having what appears to be a stroke but are not sure whether it is that or a heart attack how are they supposed to know which hospital to go to? I am working on the basis that it would be Scarborough for a heart attack but the article does not state that.
Denise Earnshaw, on 4th May 2020 3:20pm
We had an excellent Stroke Unit which was led by Dr. John Paterson who was also my M.S. Consultant for years. My Father died on the unit after having Excellent care due to a Brain Haemorrhage caused by Leukaemia. Unfortunately when Dr. Paterson retired the Trust could not find anyone to replace him and so our Stroke Patients have been going to York after being given a drug to dissolve the Blood Clots for some time.They were then returning to our Stroke Unit to convelesce and be given Phyio before being discharged. I presume from what you are saying that Stroke patients will now be taken to anothe Hospital straight from their Homes without having the initial treatment. This could increase the severity of the Stroke as the longer the bood supply is cut off to parts of the brain, the more damage is done and higher levels of disablement are likely to occur, or it could affect the Survival of the patient as the journey to any of the nearby hospitals takes at least an hour, especially in the Holiday season. Even if this is on a Temporary basis I do not think this is good enough unless the Paramedics are able to/allowed to administer the drugs required.

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