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Yorkshire Coast Residents Reminded to Stay In

Yorkshire Coast Residents Reminded to Stay In

Published by Jon Burke at 8:02am 2nd May 2020. (Updated at 8:10am 2nd May 2020)

Residents on the Yorkshire coast are again being reminded to stay in, stay safe and save lives this weekend.

The message comes from the police, after 104 fines have been issued to those in Scarborough borough who've breached government rules during coronavirus.

That's a fifth of the number handed out across the whole of North Yorkshire and 71% of the fines issued in the Scarborough Borough have been to residents, rather than visitors.

In Humberside, around 90 penalty notices have been handed out since Thursday.

It's as there are reports some are now starting to ignore lockdown rules.

Scarborough Police Inspector, Graeme Kynman, has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..




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MickG, on 2nd May 2020 12:07pm
The roads in the town centre especially next to the rail station are very busy, almost like a normal Saturday. Why arnt the police out stopping car drivers asking what they are doing?
Barra, on 3rd May 2020 1:43pm
They might be shopping, at least in the car they aren’t spreading the virus.

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